Why Do Christians Support Donald Trump?

By: Deji Yesufu

I was in a discussion with an American friend of mine once. This gentleman is also pastor. He said this in passing: “… while we do not preach politics in the church I pastor (in the USA), our people know who and who not to vote for. I can tell you authoritatively that no member of our church voted for Hilary Clinton (in 2016)…”.

Chris Arzen had a minister friend as his guest on his Iron Sharpens Iron radio program recently. This man said that a person can face church discipline in their church if they find out he voted for or supports the Democratic Party.

The subject of this essay seeks to answer the pressing question behind the rabid support that Donald John Trump receives from Christians all over America and even around the world. Christians, cutting across denominational lines, have shut their eyes and ears to the moral failures of the American foremost citizen and are campaigning and voting en-masse for him. Why is this so?

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I will be lying if I say I know all the reasons but I’ll conjecture a few thoughts and shed light on them in the rest of the article. Before I do so, however, let me make it clear that Christians oppose the Democratic Party for more reasons than homosexuality and abortion. Now follow me.

The Democratic Party’s Socialism

Unlike Nigeria where our politicians and their parties do not have clear cut ideologies, American political parties have age-old ideologies. While the Republicans support a free market economy that allows for business and capital growth – capitalism, the Democrats support a more socialist economy that gives power to government to regulate market forces. The Democrat argue that this is the only way to protect the vulnerable and prevent the making of powerful men. Republicans say that Communism is the biggest argument against all forms of socialism – since Communism has failed in most countries that practice it. Democrats argue that socialism is the success of Europe. Christians weigh the two arguments and tend to support Republicans because they remember that Communism was the biggest hindrance to gospel preaching in 19th century China and Russia. Besides it is a free market and wealthy Christians and churches that support missions the most – not government. Thus Christians love Trump and the Republican party.

Deafening Liberalism

The Democratic Party liberal stance is worrisome for anyone who has been following their history. They tend to forget that there is a God factor in the making of America. Democrats support everything that is anti-God, Anti-Christianity and anti-righteousness. No Christian should vote that party on any platform at any level with any good conscience. The promotion of organizations that support the killing of unborn children by the Democratic Party is demonic and a vote for them is a partaking in their sins. Democrats tell us that homosexuality is as bad as fornication; that Jesus Christ said that he that looks on a woman with lust in his eyes has already committed adultery in his heart. We are reminded that there are no degrees of sin with God. What this pseudo-religionists forget to add is that actual fornication is a joining together of a person with another spiritually. This never happens with the matter of lust in the heart. Also, homosexuality, the renouncing of normal relations with the opposite sex, is regarded as an “abomination” in scripture. It is the creation denouncing the Creator with their bodies. While indeed there are no degrees of sin with God, there are degrees of sin with men. When a political party makes no conscience about killing babies in the safest place in the world – their mother’s womb; when such a party celebrates the abomination of homosexuality – no Christian will wish to partake in such. The Democratic Party’s liberal position on these things continually pitches them against Christians and thus their support of Donald Trump’s Republican Party.

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The Incursion of Islam

This is a point that is not often discussed in the media because Muslims can be very sensitive about any criticism of their religion but it is a fact that is playing out in our world. Here is the thing: Christianity and Islam remain rival religions in the world today. Modernism has not reduced it. What modernism has done is to make most Western countries increasingly post-Christian. In the process, many countries in the West will prefer to be called “secular” and not Christian, despite their rich Christian heritage. A post-Christian society is actually an anti-Christian society. This leads to a situation where these countries find themselves at enmity with many Christian values. On the other hand, after 14 centuries, Islam has not resolved its own enmity with Christianity either. The situation leads to this: the enemy of my enemy becomes my friend. To spite Christianity, many Western countries are becoming increasingly at home with Islam. A brief overview of the city London will prove this thesis right. A Democratic government will increasingly overthrow Christian values in the American society and it will leave room for Islam to flourish in the USA. Gradually Islam moves into the heart and life of the American society and a country that was once built on a Christian heritage will be taken over by Islam. If you think this has not happened before remember that countries like Egypt, Iraq, Algeria, Syria, Iran and Turkey were once Christian nations. Islam took over thesecountries with force and at other times with political subtleties. Those who can read the political temperature of the USA see that this is the reason a lot of Muslims are supporting a Biden candidacy and this is another reason Christian oppose him.

Christian’s Defense of Trump’s Character

To conclude this essay, I need to give an explanation to the matter of how Christians reconcile Trump’s character with their support for him. I have been told that Obama and Biden are faithful family men, while Trump has been married four times. He is known for his extra-marital affairs; he is bombastic; he is grandiloquent; and he never seem to be play by the rules. Why would Christians support such a man who has such “unchristian” behavior as against others who appear to live uprightly?

Most Christians that I know are appalled by Donald Trump’s character. But they reason that the devil they know is better than the angel they do not know. Here is the thing: while Trump might not be exactly an exemplary fellow, he is a man of his word. Trump rode on the Republican ticket and has been faithful to their policies and ideologies. Trump has carried all the electoral promises he made in 2016 and he has increasingly given back the liberties that evangelical churches once had. When the Coronavirus lockdown was at its height, Governors in Democrat States in the US were opening abortion clinics and beer parlours, calling them essential; while at the same time they were shutting churches and where people were allowed to gather, they were told them not to sing. Trump made it clear to all who cared to hear that Church gathering was essential. When the State of California, an increasing communist State by the way, said that Grace Community Church, pastored by John MacArthur, could not meet, Donald Trump sent his personal attorney to the church to defend them in the legal cases instituted against that church in the law courts.

Those who can discern human character well know that some of the most wicked human beings are those who put on the facade of good and righteousness on their faces. Christians have never been known to be duplicitous. Our yes is yes and our no is no. Trump, in spite of his history and character, has supported Christians courses and has given the Church room to thrive in present day America. This is why Christians love him and this is why he enjoys their unalloyed support.

At the moment, the media has declared Joe Biden as President elect. Trump, the rascal that he is, has refused to give a concession speech. He would be contesting votes cast in about five states in the courts and the Church are supporting and praying he wins re-election to another term in office.

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