Deji Yesufu is a very passionate man, and you get to see all of his passion expressed in his writing. If he’s not pointing us to or warning us of the dangers and errors of false bible teachers, he is challenging our conscience to doing the right thing as citizens, challenging us towards nation-building. – Pasotr Taye Arimoro

Deji Yesufu compiled HUMANITY, a collection of 101 pieces, over a decade. These essays have now been collected in this book to convey a unified idea: that God’s grace was made evident through the creation of man. The book discusses four important facets of human life: religion, politics, economy and society. Whereas politics is the tale of how men decide to rule themselves, religion expresses man’s belief in the supernatural, society is the setting in which men live and the economy is man’s effort at surviving within all these. The Christian worldview, as taught in the Bible, benefits humanity greatly. It also attempts to provide pertinent commentary on subjects that pertain to daily living.

Certain elements of the book could be considered the author’s memoir. He also reflects on what truth is in other passages. The main takeaway is that we can all make the most of our time on earth while anticipating spending all of eternity with God in the afterlife. The author demonstrates how humans are the pinnacle of God’s creation and that our current location on earth is not by chance. All of the events in our lives, good or bad – past, present, and or future – are a part of the epic tale that God is telling. We should be grateful for our privilege to be part of His-story.

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Publishers' Review

Baron’s Cafe is thrilled to announce the publication and virtual launch of a groundbreaking new book, HUMANITY, compiled by Deji Yesufu. This collection of 101 thought-provoking essays, meticulously crafted over a decade, offers readers a profound insight into the divine grace evident in the creation of humanity.

HUMANITY delves into the core aspects of human life—religion, politics, economy, and society—providing a unifying perspective that showcases God’s grace in these domains. Through compelling narratives, Yesufu explores diverse topics, including the Christian gospel, tyranny, the Coronavirus pandemic, and notable figures such as Giannis Adetokunbo and Leah Sharibu. The book also features the author’s personal reflections, adding depth and authenticity to the content.

In this compelling work, Yesufu illustrates how humans are the pinnacle of God’s creation and emphasizes that our existence on earth is not coincidental. Every event in our lives, whether joyful or challenging, is part of a grand narrative woven by God. HUMANITY inspires readers to embrace life’s challenges and make the most of their time on earth while anticipating an eternity with God in the afterlife.

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The vision of the author and publishers of HUMANITY is that the book is made available at little or no cost to every Nigerian. We are convinced that the ideas this book conveys can make Nigeria the nation of our dreams. We therefore invite willing donors to partner with us to realize this vision.

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