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Here books written by Deji Yesufu and Lucky James are reviewed. Books by other authors will subsequently be discussed too.

Victor Banjo in Enugu

Victor Banjo in Enugu By: Deji Yesufu On September 18th, 1967, Brig. Victor Banjo received a call from Col. Emeka Ojukwu. In the long discussion over the telephone, Ojukwu explained that he had discovered certain saboteurs of the war effort...

/ October 31, 2020
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Reflections on Peter Uka’s Cessationism

Reflections on Peter Uka’s Cessationism By: Deji Yesufu Peter Uka and Oje Giwa-Amu entered into a debate on Cessationism on the 20th of August, 2020. By the close of the debate, it was clear that Peter’s opponent still had not...

/ October 29, 2020


You may download a PDF file of my presentation on the Korede Olawoyin show on Facebook, where I spoke on Islam and revelation today. You may leave behind questions on the subject here or send them to me on...

/ June 7, 2020

Victor Banjo: The Facebook Post that Became a Book

"I'm Not Dead Yet!": The Story of Victor Banjo by: Deji Yesufu (On June 30, 2017, IPOB led a successful campaign of sit-at-home in most of Eastern Nigeria to commemorate 50 years of the declaration of Biafra by Col. Ojukwu....

/ June 1, 2020
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The Gospel (Free Download)

The Gospel by Deji Yesufu The book THE GOSPEL was a twelve paper series I wrote on the Christian gospel message. In the process I have compiled all twelve papers into one PDF document. If you would clique on the...

/ May 19, 2020

John Nova’s “Our Favorite Demon”

John Nova’s “Our Favorite Demon” John Nova By: Deji Yesufu The 16th century Reformation that the likes of Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli, and John Calvin led in Europe brought a new perspective to the Christian religion, particularly an emphasis on...

/ May 11, 2020

A Review of “Half a Millennium” (Free Download)

Few days ago just as the year was running out......I received a gift that turned out to be the the best Christian literature I laid my hands on for the year. The Lord used this book to open my eyes...

/ April 12, 2020

Agony of Self Publishing in Nigeria

By: Deji Yesufu My friend, Lucky James, published his book Tales from Our Past in January 2017. Since I did some editing on the book, I volunteered to help him sell some copies. The day came when he handed over 100...

/ April 12, 2020

“Tales From Our Past” by Lucky James

Review by Deji Yesufu (Published in the Nigerian Tribune of 30th March 2017) For the literary inclined and those who appreciate good prose and well written story lines, Lucky James’ Tales from Our Past is a refreshing break from the...

/ April 12, 2020

Review of “Victor Banjo” by Lucky James

At half past one in the afternoon of September 24th, 1967, four men were lined up for execution in the full glare of the city of Enugu, Nigeria. The men had been tried and condemned by a military tribunal under...

/ April 12, 2020