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In this section of the blog, various articles on Cessationism are published. The aim is to help readers understand a very controversial doctrine in the church today and to help Christian appreciate the whole concept of a sufficient scripture.

Cessationism by Peter Uka and Deji Yesufu

The Purpose of the Cessationist Doctrine By: Peter Uka and Deji Yesufu This essay is the concluding statement of the Cessationist group, Peter Uka and I, on the ongoing debate between Cessationists and Continuationists. We wish emphasize the heart of...

/ August 21, 2020

On Cessationism and Continuationism: An Introduction

On Cessationism and Continuationism 1 by: Olamide Falase Let’s talk about Cessationism vs Continuationism, but first a few thoughts on performance appraisals and what we can learn from them about how we learn. I had been with the company for...

/ August 20, 2020

Dear Oje Giwa-Amu: Concerning Cessationism

Dear Oje Giwa-Amu: Concerning Cessationism By: Deji Yesufu Your recent fascination with Cessationism, which has resulted in a debate between you and Peter Uka, a vlog post of about 90 minutes and a Facebook post, has occasioned this response from...

/ August 17, 2020