Dear Oje Giwa-Amu: Concerning Cessationism

By: Deji Yesufu

Your recent fascination with Cessationism, which has resulted in a debate between you and Peter Uka, a vlog post of about 90 minutes and a Facebook post, has occasioned this response from me. Incidentally Cessationism is not top of my priority on theological issues at the moment; but since you have called me out on Facebook because of it, I guess I could leave a response here and I would ensure that it is the only response I would give on the matter. Cessationism is not a matter in theology that is worth dividing on but if you will understand the heart of this theological perspective, it will benefit you a great deal. In this essay, I would not bother about defining Cessationism or putting out scriptures that have been thrashed out by both sides. I want to write a personal thought to you; albeit a public one and I would request that you read them intently with the hope that God would minister to your heart and save you from perdition.

The Beginning

Sometime in 2014/15 I stumbled on a Facebook group called “Open Congregation”. I noticed that the people there spent a great deal of time debating theological issues. I would eventually be drawn into one or two topics on the subject of tithing and having investigated that subject thoroughly, I was not short of opinions to give on it. Many people on that forum praised my “anti-tithe” insights and I remember that you, Oje, were one of those who felt my thoughts were worth extolling. At that time in my theological development, I had just encountered Cessationism. It was one year after the Strange Fire conference at Grace Community Church, led by John MacArthur, and Cessationism was the rave of the theological world then. Thus when theological topics on gifts of the Spirit or its abuse were suggested on Open Congregation, I quite naturally brought my “Cessationist” perspective to bear on it.

I remember quite well that you, Oje Giwa-Amu, learnt about Cessationism from me for the first time on Open Congregation and rather than taking the time to learn about the subject, you just reacted against it. For many weeks after I broached the idea, you continued to write posts after posts condemning the topic. When I noticed you had succeeded at winning a good number of folks to your side on the subject, I had to let you be. Eventually leaving Open Congregation completely – talk about going from grace to grass on that forum. But before I left, I made the point which you have not been able to refute: that your angst against Cessationism is not that it is a false doctrine. It is because it is one doctrine that proves your idol and teacher, William Branham, as a false prophet and a false teacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Cessationism showed that Branham miracles were false and at best they were of demons. This is why, when you refute Cessationism, you are never in short supply of spurious videos from Branham healing crusades. I remember that my encounter with your videos on Branham led me to search the internet and I came across a very disturbing fact. Some of the people with the highest numbers of miracles, signs and wonders in religious gatherings today are not Pentecostal Christians. They are Sharmans from the Eastern parts of the world. I saw links after links after links of these Shamans working mind boggling miracles and they still do them today. I concluded by saying that miracles could not legitimize a man; the only thing that can prove that a man was true is what he teaches. William Branham, until his death, never repented of his Satan-sleeping-with-Eve-in-the-garden doctrines. He never repented of his Word of Faith errors. He died a false teacher and is certainly not in God’s kingdom today, if we are to measure him up by the standards of scriptures.

I move quickly now to why I adopted Cessationism as a belief.

Why I am a Cessationist

Peter Uka taught me Cessationism. For six months between February and July 2014, Peter would come to Ibadan, from Lagos, once a month to teach a group of us the Bible. For two months, he taught us “sufficiency of scriptures” – which he began with. He made the point that the moment the Holy Scriptures come alive to us, there would be no need for his coming for those classes. Here is the interesting thing: in the whole six months that he came to teach us the Bible, he never mentioned the word “Cessationism” – not once. Peter concentrated on helping us to see that the Holy Bible was all that we needed for our lives and for godliness. After he left, I began to study the book “Strange Fire”. It was in that book I came across Cessationism. In fact John MacArthur, who wrote the book, did not mention Cessationism much in the book. It was the Strange Fire conference, in their live speaking sessions, that the subject was broached. I was particularly blown away by Tom Pennington’s treatment of the subject: his “A Case for Cesaationism”. I made this point to say this:

I am not a Cessationist because I have an aversion to miracles or speaking in tongues or continued prophecies. No, I was not taught that way. I am a Cessationist because I have finally found the Bible to be sufficient for me; the Bible is enough! I can remember coming to this understanding and seeing the Holy Scriptures come alive. I came to understand the place of waiting upon God, in his word, to find directions to the issues of life. I came to learn of one vital truth: that my business with God is living holy and uprightly; he would handle every other issues concerning my life and my future – I do not need dreams and prophecies for direction in life. There is no challenge in this world that a sufficient scripture cannot handle. And, contrary to what you think sufficiency of scriptures is – sufficiency of scriptures says simply that the Bible is enough. You do not need anything else but the counsel that the word of God births. What is clear in the Bible is sufficient to direct us in obedience. And the Holy Spirit is able to shed light on what is not clear and help us know how to apply them to issues of life.

The other reason why I am a Cessationist is this: every false religion in this world stands on the premise of “God told me”. The number one case in point is Islam. Very few Christians have investigated the claims of Mohammed but if the Christians and the Jews around him in the seventh century had adopted “sufficiency of scriptures” they would have realized that the revelations that he was receiving were not from God and could have been better discipled him and delivered him from errors. Every other error in religion today premises on the fact that one person ditches what the Bible is saying and begins to listen to voices in his head. The Reformers adopted the truth of “sola scriptura”, which is actually “sufficiency of scriptures”, to denounce the errors of Rome. The Roman Catholic Church believed everything Luther taught but they also were committed to their traditions. These tradition included the worship of Mary, veneration of saints, giving of indulgences, and so on. Do you know that these extra biblical teachings did not come because of some theological development among Catholics? It came because some mystics rose up in the church and declared that this was what Christians were to be doing. So when the Reformers rejected Rome, they also rejected Catholic mysticism and all their traditions. Check out all the other errors of our day and you will realize that one person somewhere is declaring what God is saying from a subjective mindset and not from a sufficient scripture.

If we would take the warning of Jesus in Matthew 24 seriously and evade deception, we would have to rest content with what the Bible teaches alone and ignore everything coming from subjective experiences and the minds of men and women.

Who actually is Aiding the Devil?

In your debate with Peter Uka, you made the point that Cessationists are being used by the devil. Of course you made that argument to put fear in the minds of little minded people, so that they will not touch Cessationists with a long pole. But who exactly is aiding the devil in all these? I would make a few suggestions.

When the debate was about to begin, someone left a comment on the flyer that I shared and said this: why is Peter Uka debating a heretic. In response I made the point that there is no limit to those Christians should not debate. In fact it is heretics that we should debate the most – in case God might save them from their errors. My dear Oje Giwa-Amu, I would be doing you a great disservice if I call you a Christian; you are not. You are a heretic. See, most people in theological circles do not consider Cessationism heresy. At worst, they might call it an error. But from the days of the Apostles, everyone who has rejected the doctrine of the Trinity is regarded as a heretic. Oje, you do not only reject the doctrine of the Trinity, you regard those who teach it as men in blatant errors. I do not know anyone who teaches against the Trinity as much as you do – thus if anyone is being used by the devil to propagate heresy the most – you are the man. And I pray you repent because there is no one who rejects the doctrine that Jesus Christ is God and thus the same with God the Father and the Holy Spirit, that will enter heaven.

In the little gathering that I lead, we have been considering Ephesians 1. In verse 3 – 14, Paul the Apostle describes the whole concept of salvation given to us. In this description, he shows us God the Father who predestined a few to salvation from the foundation of the earth (verse 3-6, 8-13); God the Son who redeemed men by the cross (verse 7); and God the Holy Spirit who secures our salvation in real time (verses 13 -14). Friend, if you reject the Trinity, you reject the One God in three persons who secures your eternal salvation. It is a pitiable state to be in and I pray God grants you repentance. Because your errors are not only driving you to perdition, you are leading your listeners to an eternity without God and his Christ. If I were you, I would leave Cessationism alone and return to scriptures and learn of God who is One but three in persons. Amen.

Concerning the Question You Asked

So, you left two questions for Peter, Dr. Motunrayo and me on Facebook. Peter and our doctor friend are more theologically inclined, so they would do a better work of exposing those truths to you. But I would just attempt those questions, lest you accuse me of avoiding them. They are easy.

  1. Should Christians covet the gift of prophecy in the light of biblical admonition to covet the best gifts?

The scripture that talks about coveting the gifts in 1 Corinthians 12 is verse 31, the last verse, which reads: “But covet earnestly the best gifts: and yet show I unto you a more excellent way.”

Incidentally this scripture did not mention prophecy. Verse 31 is coming in the context of Paul mentioning many other gifts of the Spirit operating in the Corinthian Church. You can see them from verses 28 to 30. When he gets to verse 31, he admonishes the church to seek the best gift which was actually the gift of charity and then he uses the whole of chapter 13 to talk about the blessing of charity.

Here is one point you miss in this rabid pursuits of yours for the gifts of the Spirit. The gifts of the Spirit, whichever way they operate, were not given for ostentatious purposes but as a means of serving God’s people. Thus, the person with the greatest love in his heart for people; was the persons who could be most useful because he would serve other people the most. So the greatest gift was love and not prophecy.

Besides, when the New Testament was written, prophesy was seen in two ways: foretelling and forthelling. It could be either of them; the context of scriptures will tell. The prophets of old foretold things. That gift has ceased today. Anyone foretelling anything today is a thief and a robber; he is a false prophet. However, we may still forthtell and anytime a man stands on the pulpit and teaches God’s counsel to his people, he is speaking forth God’s word and thus forthelling. This is the prophesying that is still legitimate today and whenever the scripture, as in 1 Corinthians 14:1, spoke of prophesying, it was talking about speaking God’s counsel to people. Preaching is today’s prophesy and we ought to desire the best preaching in our churches.

  • Does God still give the gift of prophesy today?

No, not in the manner of foretelling; but, yes, in the manner of forthelling. God raises anointed ministers to speak and teach his word. In doing this, they are prophesying to our generation; calling them to know the triune God. Amen.

A Personal Appeal

I end with this personal appeal to you: Oje, stop running around social media and teaching false doctrine. Find a Christian assembly and be committed to it. Throw away the jargons you have learnt from books by Unitarians and submit yourself to a church. By the way, please answer this question that you have evaded since 2014: What church do you attend? What do you do there? All churches today are not Loadicean churches, sir!

As far as I know, your local church is Facebook. Perhaps I should remind you that Facebook is an all-comers markets; where ideas are being traded by all and sundry and only the stupidest persons come here to learn doctrine. Get a life beyond Facebook. Learn the gospel. Become a Christian. Allow the Spirit of God possess you; not these false Brahamite mindset. And then go to scriptures with a humble mind and be taught. Some of us were taught by persons much younger than us but we realized they were speaking truth and we submitted to God’s counsel through them.

I pray God to give you ears to hear. Goodnight.

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Posted by Deji Yesufu


  1. Unuigboje Giwa-Amu August 18, 2020 at 2:56 am

    Mr Deji permit me to respond to your fallacious and uncultured post to which you have tagged me. Before I go on, please may I request that you kindly and swiftly delete my picture from your post. It is enough that I was tagged. There wasn’t any need to include my picture. So if are you claim you are a Christian, then please respect my wishes and swiftly remove my picture from your post.
    Now before I go on, let me make it clear that I do not care one bit about your self-righteous opinions or appraisal regarding my faith and my position or stand with God. Of course how can you even discern or know who a GENUINE Christian is in the first place when you have no access to receiving any revelation from God according to your false doctrine of Cessation. LOL. This is one of the things that has hardened many cessationists like you and after graduating from your cemetery you call your bible school, it has become evident that you have even become much more hardened in your unbelief as expected from one who has chosen to cut himself out from receiving revelation from the Spirit of God.
    Now let me now go on to address much of the lies and fallacious claims you have made in your post. You said:

    LOL. But can’t you see how hypocritical you are and how you pay lip service to the things you claim you believe? But how can God minister to my heart regarding anything you have written here since according to you cessationists, revelation has ceased and as you say the scriptures should be sufficient? On what basis do you expect God to minister to my heart regarding the things you have written since what you have written here does not form part of the Cannon and scriptures you say should be enough?
    Let me continue to address your lies. You claimed:

    First of all, this is false. I did not learn about cessationism from you for the first time on Open Congregation. I learned about the doctrine from the Jehovah’s witnesses long before I even joined OC. So please get your facts right. What I got to learn from you was your own flavour of this false doctrine which you tried to force on God’s people on OC who rightfully rejected the false doctrine. I got to learn the details of your own sectarian flavour of the doctrine and not that I got to learn about the doctrine of Cessation from you. So let that be clear. Now you also said:

    But if God was with you on this issue and you had his blessings, why were you not able to convince the brethren on OC about this your new found love and doctrine you have been blindly infatuated with all this while? Does that not tell you something? Also, I remember the event very well. The fact of the matter is that you left OC for your own selfish reasons which is very telling of the kind of person you really are. Everyone knows that OC was never controlled by any one person and different kinds of Christians were present there sharing and expressing their convictions regarding different issues in which some who agreed with one another on one occasion even ended disagreeing with others on other occasions. I cannot recall anyone leaving just because the brethren there disagreed with a view they were passionate about. Stop being a hypocrite. If as you claim, this is not an issue to divide over, then why did you deem it fit to leave OC then just simply because most of the brethren did not share you views about cessationism. Does this not show you how selfish you are? If you really had honourable intentions and were a mature Christian, wouldn’t you have given grace and exercised patience with brethren, assuming you were even correct about your position? Does this same bible which you pay lip service to and claim up uphold as your sufficiency not clearly say that we should forebear one another and those weak in faith or those who see some of these secondary issues differently should be received and that if anyone of us be otherwise minded, the Lord will eventually reveal the truth to such a person? Again the fact of the matter is that you left OC for your own selfish reasons founded on the fact that you were trying desperately to force your false doctrine on the brethren and when they rejected it, you left – again which is very telling of you.
    Then of course, as has always been the case with you, you left the topic and decided to go personal, making false claims that only you have ever made – which is also very shameful and dishonest of one who claims to be a Christian. You said:


    LOL – what you have just said is very clear evidence that it is either you do not have the GENUINE Spirit of God, but a false and counterfeit blind and zealous religious spirit that is devoid of any true revelation or discernment from the Spirit of God or even if you do, you have chosen to shut God out from truly helping you discern truths. This is every clear as it has become evident that you do not know the difference between a GENUINE minister of the gospel who erred in certain arears of ministry work like William Branham and an outright charlatan and minister of the devil transformed into an angel of light. You have no idea what you are talking about. Let me say this and read me loud and clear.

    The above is the conclusion that can only come from a very blind and ignorant person professing to be a Christian. A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. It is quite interesting to note how the devil used brother Branham (as you suppose) to bring so many souls to Christ and inspire godly living in so many. Your testimony about William Branham is only as valuable as the testimony of the Pharisees about Christ and his disciples or as the serpent’s lying testimony about God to Eve in the garden of Eden. The positive impact William Branham made in the lives of many Christians and ministers of the gospel (despite his shortcomings and errors, which many of us also acknowledge) speaks for itself. Even at his funeral, this was very evident from the testimonies many godly men gave. Men who understood brother Branham had errors quite alright but were discerning enough to still acknowledge the mighty grace of God upon him as a GENUINE servant of Christ – something you are completely ignorant of because you are devoid of receiving revelation and understanding from Christ in this regard since you have cut off such revelation by your own false doctrine of cessation.

    Secondly, your claim that William Branham is my teacher and idol is very laughable. All those who know me and the truth will just laugh at you lie and dishonesty. This is another aspect of your uncultured personality that you have still not been able to bring under control since the days of OC. Even in our recent online discussion before the debate, when you were brought in, it was quite shameful to see how you could not even control your misguided emotions and burst out asking for all “Branhamites” to make themselves known amidst such a civil discussion and conversation we were all having. I have pointed this out to you several times but of course you have continuously paid a deaf ear to this. What makes you think everyone in the chat had to be a Branhamite simply because they believed in continuationism or appreciated the gift of God in brother Branham’s ministry?

    now get this clear – Just as you say of William Branham, I also consider someone like John MacArthur one with false doctrines as well since he teaches the false doctrine of the Trinity and cessation which you also propagate. Yet you love John MacArthur and appreciate his contributions to the faith right? Why then can you not also appreciate that this is also how I appreciate William Branham as well whether or not you agree he was a true or false teacher? I have never said that MacArthur is your idol because of your appreciation for his ministry have I? Why have you not also learned to accord others that respect regardless of how much you hate and despise the ministers others value and regard the same way you value and regard MacArthur? How many times will I have to educate you on such a simple rule of decorum when engaging in discussions?

    Thirdly, you also continued to spew your lies when you claimed that the reason why I am against cessationism is because it proves Branhams miracles false? Your claims do not even make any sense as William Branham is not the only person in history I believe God vindicated with signs and wonders. So are the likes of Charles Spurgeon and Charles Finney who also operated in miraculous gifts also my idol’s too and are they false teachers as well?

    Rather I believe the reverse is even the case and it is guilty conscience that makes you first throw this strawman false claims at my position. What the case would really prove to be is that it is beause the likes of William Branham refute Cessationism that you hate ministers like that so much. Sorry you have the cart before the horse.


    Then going by this, you will also have to agree with me that John MacArthur which by your standards of determine people’s idol will also be your own idol will clearly pass as a false teacher not to be regarded since just as William Branham who had some erroneous teachings, also has false teachings himself since he teaches the false doctrine of the Trinity and Cessation.


    William Branham never taught the Satan slept with Eve. It was the serpent he taught slept with Eve. Now whilst I do not believe in this doctrine, I do not see how this will deny a minister and a child of God who has surrendered himself to the blood and grace of Christ from entering heaven. There is a difference between having a faulty interpretation of an event in the scriptures and one actually teaching doctrines with the intention of leading people away from the foundational truths of the faith – something you have sadly proven to be quite ignorant about.

    As to why you are a Cessationist, you then hypocritically claim.

    The above claim is self-refuting. You are like someone saying something like: “I stopped believing that Jesus is the Son of God not because I do not like the idea that Jesus is the Son of God but because the Bible is sufficient for me” LOL. But how can this make any sense when the bible that the person claims is sufficient teaches that Jesus is the Son of God? This is the very point we have also been pointing out to many of you Cessationists about your hypocritical double mouthed claims and appeal to scriptural sufficiency.
    I have read the reason why you are a Cessationist and I do not think it is worth the while addressing this in detail. What is important is that in all you said, you have no explicit scriptures that teach cessationism from the very same scriptures you say is enough for you LOL. Also you appeal to false religions where everyone claims “God told me” as a basis for you to reject scriptural promises and become a cessationist is as shallow as one positing that “because Pharaoh’s magicians were able to perform miracles and magic acts, I have chosen to disbelieve that God can perform miracles through Moses”. What kind of reasoning is this? Does the preponderance of the fake negate the existence of the genuine?

    But again, it is sad that you do not see how silly what you are claiming is. The very bible that you claim is enough is the same one that says that in the last days God will pour out his Spirit on ALL flesh with the effect out we will prophesy and see visions. He made this clear that this promise was not just to the apostles ALONE but to generations thereafter even to our time as the scriptures say “TO AS MANY AS THE LORD GOD SHALL CALL”. The very fact that you deny prophecy and revelation for God’s people in this last days is another way of admitting that God never called you.

    I have clearly addressed this part of your fallacious claims on my wall as I believe this requires the special attention it deserves. The blind religious folks in the days of Christ also accused him of heresy. History is only repeating itself here.


    You are even a novice when it comes to this issue of the doctrine of the Trinity and so I won’t even bother wasting so much time on this with you. If you are so confident about this doctrine and as you claim that heretics should be debated, why don’t you debate me on this doctrine as you also proposed about cessation? I know you will not do so because even you will end up shown to be the very confused one with your 3 coequal Gods after I have exposed the false doctrine which you so cherish. But I will simply just refute your fallacy with just one simple verse of scriptures for now – 1 Cor 8:6

    1 Cor 8:6
    Contemporary English Version
    We have only one God, and he is the Father. He created everything, and we live for him.
    So much for your one God who is 3 persons – a false doctrine clearly confuted by all the OT writers and NT apostles. It is one God – The Father from whom Jesus and the Holy Spirit emanate. Not three DISTINCT coequal, coeternal, copowerful persons who are each God Almighty but share one divine being/nature as one God.

    Finally, regarding my question about whether Chrsitians of today should covet the gifts of prophecy and whether God can give this gift to Christians today, you said:

    First of all you have started out with the gymnastics I predicted. The bible did not have chapters and verses when it was written. I asked you a question as a whole thought based on Paul’s writing and so to use which verse said this and did not say this is evasive of the question. The same Paul that said we should cover the best gift is the one that said especially prophecy in 1 Cor 14 and so there is no need to use which verse said this or that to evade the substance of the question. You then said:


    LOL really? Now notice that so far you have not answered the simple question I asked. But see what 1 Cor 14:1 states

    1 Cor 14:1 Earnestly pursue love and EAGERLY DESIRE spiritual gifts, ESPECIALLY the gift of prophecy.
    So this was the basis of my question. You went on to say:


    LOL – Okay continue to evade the question. What did Paul say in 1 Cor 14:1 again?
    Okay whilst finally attempting to answer the question, I noticed how you eventually succeeded in craftily twisting Paul’s all encompassing admonition to mean that Paul was only referring to prophesy from the point of one preaching from the bible. What a blatant lie. You said:

    Again this is such a blatant lie. The context as Paul reveals later clearly reutes your false claims.

    1 Cor 14:
    23Therefore if the whole church comes together in one place, and all speak with tongues, and there come in those who are uninformed or unbelievers, will they not say that you are [f]out of your mind? 24But if all prophesy, and an unbeliever or an uninformed person comes in, he is convinced by all, he is convicted by all. 25[g]And thus the secrets of his heart are revealed; and so, falling down on his face, he will worship God and report that God is truly among you.
    If the gift of prophecy only relates to preaching from the bible, what then is so spiritual or supernatural about this that will cause the unbeliever to fall down on his face and worship God and report that God is truly among us? If you honestly consider your claims, you will see that it does not make any sense whatsoever, how is your explanation a supernatural gift? I want you to just listen to yourself and see how absurd what you are saying is. So check this out. So what you are saying is that when Paul spoke about the gift of prophecy in 1 Cor 12 and 14 he was only referring to the gift for believers to be able to preach from the bible. But how could this have been when they did not have the bible at the time? Again, can’t you see that your claims are patently false? Of course you will not admit this because you do not sincerely seek truth. You are only concerned about protecting this false doctrine of cessation which includes the cessation of the gifts of prophecy to foretell just because an admittance to the glaring truth will punch a big hone in your cherished pet but false doctrine of cessation of spiritual gifts even though you hypocritically make claims to “scriptural sufficiency”.


    LOL. So again the gift of prophecy Paul told believers in his time to desire was all encompassing and included both fore telling and forth telling. However, when God gives this gifts to men today, God withdrew the foretelling aspect and only left the forth telling aspect. I see thank you very much.
    May God deliver you from this false doctrine you have embraced.

    Contrary to your false claims I attend a local Christian assembly in Milton Keynes here. I do not have to tell you the name of the Church or what I do there.
    My own simple advice for you this. Come down from that your self-righteous high horse and ask God to baptise you with the Holy Spirit. You have been deceived by any false teachings and doctrines because you have a zealous religious spirit but I sincerely question that you have the Holy Spirit from many of the things you say. So my own admonition to you is that you take out time to seek God’s face in repentance from all these false doctrines you have learned from the bible cemetery you attended and the false teachings from your cessationist and Trinitarian teachings who have fed you with lies all these years. After this, you will be able to see clearly and know your left from your right.

    Have a good day


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