Tag: Suspense

new york times newspaper, press room, 1942

The Newsroom

My day began on a dismal note as I watched neighbours go out to earn a living while I stayed back, yet again, hoping for the lucky break. Whenever I left the house, it was to search for a personal...

/ April 13, 2020
baby, girl, child

Baby Tara

Lana reluctantly agreed to go with his friend to a christening which was being held at the Lasani Gardens in Lagos.  At the event, it was not long before he launched into the complaining mode. “Does she have to go...

/ April 11, 2020

Destitute Friends

Wilson had been on his phone for about half an hour now, browsing and doing stuff. He looked up occasionally to glance at the wrestling match on TV across from where he sat. I was fully engaged watching the match;...

/ April 9, 2020
eclipse, lunar, moon

The Eclipse

Ado absently kicked along a small stone, then a tin can, a plastic bottle, and any sizeable object on his path as he walked home. He had many questions he could not resolve. That Tuesday at school, Teacher had told...

/ April 8, 2020

The Terrifying Canopy Walk

It was midmorning in Kakum. The sun was up early, punching bright holes through the tops of huge shadowy trees that draped the National Park. My Ghanaian friends and I were visiting fascinating sites which abounded in primates and cats...

/ April 6, 2020