Thoughts on Prayers (Free Download)

Thoughts on Prayers

For sometimes now I had thought of writing on prayers and I eventually got the time to put my thoughts down in a three part series I called “Prayers: Casting Our Burdens on God”. When I published those articles I did not know it will benefit anyone until I received this note from a lady who reads my articles. She wrote:

“Thank you so much sir for these write ups. They’ve been helpful. More grease to your elbows. May God Almighty continue to increase you in knowledge and understanding of Him, Amen!

“Despite the fact that I understand that God is sovereign and that he does what pleases him per time, my Faith was shaken sometime in May when my mum was sick. I was hopeful God would heal her while we sought medical attention but she passed on.

“All I could do was grieve. I couldn’t bring myself to pray for a while because I thought He could have at least heard me.

“When I had allowed myself to grieve properly, I was then able to pray and I thanked God for everything we went through during those periods ( it was tough on us as a family). I believed it was His will for her to die at that time.

“This write up made me learn a new thing ‘its a win-win for Christians in place of prayer’. It so much encouraged me and made me understand God in a new dimension.

“The peace of mind I experienced after each time I pray during those periods is second to none.

“My burdened heart will feel light and joy keeps flowing into my heart with the hope that He has heard me.

“This write up has taught me another dimension of hope. Thank you so much sir!”

You also may benefit greatly from this essay on prayers if you will download a free PDF copy from here.

Thank you.