Few days ago just as the year was running out……I received a gift that turned out to be the the best Christian literature I laid my hands on for the year. The Lord used this book to open my eyes to the need for every Christian to have a knowledge of Church History and Theology. I will definitely be reading more books on Church History and Christian theology next year, thanks to the interest God has used this book to arouse in me.
I recommend Half a Millennium by Mr. Deji Yesufu for you. “The Spiritual status Quo” would not like some of the contents but we really need to know where we were coming from to know if we have not exchanged the grace of Christ for vain religiousity and personal satisfaction in certain areas of our faith.

I have the honour of doing a review of the book and I will be doing it honestly as much as God leads me to.

You can download the book for free through the link below:

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