By: Abiodun Shotola

Recently I read an article detailing how the mother of popular comediennes, known as Twinzlove, cursed every one seeking a reunion between herself, her children and their father. Twinzlove came to limelight when they started making videos of their mother’s reaction to their pranks. Hence virtually everyone who knows Twinzlove knows their mother. Hitherto little to nothing was known about who the father of these twins is. Recent outbursts by the twins and their mother has left social media users curious. A lot of people have shown interest in this story. Initially I didn’t make much of the story as I thought it was one of these celebrity spats that amount to nothing.

A day after reading an article concerning the subject being discussed I came across a video where the twins gifted their mother an SUV. The content of the video left room for curiosity. The twins and their friends, in the presence of their mother directed heavy vitriol, caustic innuendos, verbal attacks and some spare-no-one prayers at their father. Everyone who has been following the story knows their father was clearly the target of the video. In a nutshell the gift of the SUV to their mother was simply to spite the man. This makes one wonder what he had done to deserve such treatment. A curious mind would want to ask more questions.

The question of who the father of Twinzlove is has been in the public domain for some weeks. The mother of the twins granted an interview with BBC Yoruba where she told her own side of the story of how her husband left her and the twins. In the interview she made several allegations against Mr Sunday, the father of the twins. According to her, Sunday left her with the children just when they were three months old. She told the stories of her struggles in raising the twins. How they suffered without the assistance of any family member, either paternal or maternal. If one were to reach a conclusion based on that interview she had with BBC, Sunday does not stand any chance of gaining sympathy from the public. At the end of the video, BBC Yoruba left a message saying that all their effort to reach the father of Twinzlove has been unsuccessful. This message by BBC Yoruba was what prompted Sunday to come out and tell his own side of the story.

I make a digress here. Coming to a conclusion after hearing just one side of a story should be considered a foolish endeavor. A wise man will hear the two sides of a story before offering his opinion or verdict. This reminds me of King Solomon in the bible. Two women slept at night and one of them out of her carelessness slept on her child resulting in the death of the little child before morning. Had Solomon listened to the mother of the deceased child alone his judgement might have been impaired.

The father of the twins, Sunday, granted his own interview with BBC Yoruba. The first thing he said in the video was that everything his ex-wife had said in her interview was pure untruth. Iya Ibeji had told BBC Yoruba that Sunday left her to care for the twins alone just when they were three months old. Sunday refuted this allegation by showing pictures of the children when they celebrated their fourth birthday. Although at this time they were not living together but they met often at Ila Orangun where Sunday’s mother lived.

According to Sunday, Iya Ibeji was not a faithful wife. He complained that she often leaves the house without his consent, sometimes for as long as two months, and then she comes back with goodies for the twins when they still lived with him yet without a known job. Sunday, proving his claims with evidences mentioned that he made several attempts to be in contact with his ex-wife and the twins. He showed a couple of tellers from the bank claiming he sent them money from time to time. He also said that Iya Ibeji has a boy out of wedlock.

The twins have successfully carved a niche for themselves in the comedy industry and they see no need to have a father in their lives, not after over two decades of separation. According to the twins in the video where they gifted their mother an SUV; those who did not suffer with them cannot enjoy or partake of their wealth; a subtle jibe aimed at their father.

Like every other individual who has found this story fascinating. I intend to offer my opinion here. A critical mind will observe some loopholes in Iya Ibeji’s interview. She never mentioned that the man did anything whatsoever to raise the children when they were with him. The twins lived at a time with their paternal grandmother but she never mentioned that. She never mentioned that she leaves the house without her husband’s consent. In one of her interviews she claimed to be loyal but she never mentioned that she had a boy out of wedlock. To be candid,  I am not trying to support Sunday. He could have been responsible indeed for the fallout between him and his ex-wife. Now that stories from all the parties involved are now in the public, one could then view the stories with a critical mind.

 It will be unreasonable to undermine the suffering Iya Ibeji and her twins might have gone through. It is practically going to be difficult to raise two girls with no good job and substantial support from any other individual. The absence of Sunday, the father of the twins, in the life of his children and ex-wife might indeed have produced so much pain and struggle. It is understandable that the twins and their mother might have gone through hell. As it stands the twins and their mother do not have a place for Sunday. He has been cursed, insulted, denigrated and treated like a lowlife.

This is a very sensitive situation. How one views this kind of situation is a matter of one’s worldview. Being a Christian, I will attempt to view this situation from a Christian standpoint. The best worldview one can hold on to during our fleeting time on earth still remains the Christian worldview. The Christian views every situation with the spectacle of scripture. He faces many trials and tribulations in the world. He is not immune to false charges, disappointments, slander, poor treatment and whatnot in this world; yet his whole life must be governed by the word of God. He must strive to obey God, even in difficult circumstances. The Christian appreciates the gospel of Christ so much, because he knows that he is undeserving of the forgiveness he receives from God. Should God mark iniquities today none can stand but He is so rich in mercy that He provided His holy Son Jesus Christ as a propitiation for our sins.

The Christian though he is treated badly by others still learns to forgive, knowing that he has also been forgiven of his own sins. Christians are forgiven people who forgive others.

Suppose Sunday is the only one to blame in all of this situation, what should be the reaction of Iya Ibeji, a supposed Christian?

Romans 12:17-21

[17]Repay no one evil for evil. Have regard for good things in the sight of all men.

[18]If it is possible, as much as depends on you, live peaceably with all men.

[19]Beloved, do not avenge yourselves, but rather give place to wrath; for it is written, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says the Lord.

[20]Therefore “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; If he is thirsty, give him a drink; For in so doing you will heap coals of fire on his head.”

[21]Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

An observation I made in the interviews is that Iya Ibeji seems to be religious. In almost all the interviews, she prayed in the name of Jesus Christ. I have had it said many times that pastors and politicians are the two problems we are faced with as a nation. We have mega churches and pastors who cannot faithfully teach the word of God to their members. All they do is provide junks and offer the name of Jesus with money. It is clear that this family needs a godly figure in their lives. One who can faithfully teach them what the Christ of the bible taught. Had Iya Ibeji not prayed in the name of Jesus I probably would have overlooked this part of the story. If you’re going to put the name of Jesus in your mouth then also learn to put his words in your heart. If she must pray in Christ’s name she must also forgive like Christ did.

In my opinion all the parties involved should all take a share of the blame. However Iya Ibeji has a huge role to play if there is ever going to be a reconciliation. The minds of the twins must be defenestrated of the abhorrence they have for their father. Apart from a reconciliation with their father, Iya Ibeji should also seek a reconciliation with her relatives. The twins had said in a particular interview that no one either from their mother or father’s side stood by them. So it is clear that the battle is not only between Iya Ibeji, her twins and her ex-husband but also with their relatives.

In summary, the details of what happened between father and mother still remain disputed and the Twinzlove girls should not fall into the temptation of siding with their mother. They have a duty to forgive their father and associate with him – no matter how limited it will be. The Christian life, which they profess in words, commands that we forgive those who hurt us. The last has not been known of this subject. What we are aware of is the first 25 years of this family’s life. There will be another 25 and possibly another 25. If those girls truly desire to have God’s providence to smile on them in life, they must put the last 25 years behind them and chart out a new future with their new parent – not siding with any party.

It is my honest desire that in the weeks to come, the news of a peaceful resolution of this matter between the fueding parties will appear in the public space.

Posted by Deji Yesufu

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