by: Deji Yesufu

My colleague at the office shared a story with us that continues to teach me the blessing of having fathers in the home.

My friend had just concluded Secondary School. His results were poor. His parents were not happy, so he tried to avoid them by staying out a lot. One day another friend of his arrived from Lagos. He had apprenticed in making seat covers. He had made some money and returned to Ibadan to flaunt his cash.

My friend was impressed. So he returned home and told his father he wanted to learn the same trade as this friend of his. His father said nothing. He simply approached him and gave him a resounding slap. My colleague told us that the slap was a reset button. No one ever spoke of apprenticeship in their house again. My colleague is today an engineer.

When Adebola Saheed and I were concluding our studies at Ahmadu Bello Uniniversity in 2000, he was pursuing a 2-1; I was trying to concretize a 2-2. We both got our desired grades at the end. While sitting out one evening, in front of Uthman Dan Fodio Hall, Bola told me he owes his success to his mother’s flogging. He told me that one day in primary school, he came second to the last in class. I think he even stupidly returned rejoicing to the house. Later in the night, his mother beat the nonsense out of him. From that day, he never went below third position.

One of us, I have five siblings, sent my father an email one day telling him that he/she wanted to start working in a video center. He/she had not been able to get into the University and thought he/she could make a living this way. My Dad was outside the country. My Dad replied with a stinker. It was an ordinary email o, but it came with a rod in it. That person today is about the most successful of all six of us.

This is my response to the Zambian father slapping his son for wasting $21k and not passing his finals but music. This is what fathers are built for.

My children tell me they like their mother more them me. I reply: FATHERS ARE NOT DESIGNED BY GOD TO BE LIKED. You love your mum; you respect your Dad.

That’s life. God bless all Dad’s out there. God bless my own father, Disu Adeyemi Yesufu.

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