My Support for Donald J. Trump

By: Deji Yesufu

Yesterday I shared an article by Olakunle Allison, who has since become a foremost Trump supporter, on my wall and folks came after my jugular. One person said that with all my education in ABU, I should know better than sharing such views. Now I appreciate people dissenting or opposing my position constructively but these days I don’t leave room for insults. One person insults me and others get the liberty to the same. So I blocked him. I noticed later that his friends had also blocked me too. I’m fine with that. Good riddance.

I have delayed entering this George Floyd death issue and Black Lives Matter movement, etc, because, honestly, I needed to get the facts and the whole picture. I’m still not sure I have all the facts but I’m certain that nothing has happened, even with the death of Floyd, that diminishes my support for Donald Trump. Floyd’s death is a tragedy: a tragic occurrence that could occur anywhere. In Nigeria, a young lady has just been raped and killed while studying at midnight in a church. Tragic things happen in a fallen world. It is not like Black men are being killed by cops everyday, everywhere in the USA!

Having said that, here’s my position on Trump. The United States of America heads to the polls to elect a President in November. The likely contenders are Donald Trump of the Republican party and Joe Biden of the Democrats. Yours truly will not be voting in that election because I live in Nigeria. But if I had the chance to vote, I’ll be voting Donald J. Trump.


Simple. I’ve said these things before and the counters to my position has not diminished my stance. The closest thing to godliness that America has today in her coming election is Donald Trump and the Republican party. The Democrats’ liberal position on abortion and homosexuality is sin. And anyone who votes these people is enthroning ungodliness in the USA. The USA being the most powerful country in the world has the tendency to be the greatest influence on nations. We have seen the godlessness of Obama’s eight years in office. Another four years for Trump is worth looking at fixing these things.

So, I’m told that Trump is just brandishing Christianity to win votes. I’m aware of that. Only that I wonder at how Christianity will be such a popular thing in the USA today with what the liberals have turned it into. If there is no sincerity in Trump, he would not be standing with religious people at a time like this. Quite frankly, I’m likely to disagree with Trump on little points of the Christian faith but we are agreed on larger points: homosexuality and abortion. That’s enough for me.

Returning to Floyd’s death: again, I think what we have in our hands is a tragedy. We hope with the demonstrations, these things will reduce. But I will disagree with anyone who says that (white) America has not been good to black people. If it has not, we are ready to carve out a part of Nigeria to resettle black Americans back to Africa. I hope you will come? I hope you won’t think twice??

See, on the 1st of June, 2020, I submitted my Masters thesis to my teachers at the #IPTT. Those who have been following my writing know that for the past four years I have been undergoing theological training by correspondence at Egbe. My teachers tell me it cost $8,000 to train each of us in that school. And the first two sets of that school got their tuition fully paid. I was part of the second set. I got solid education, friends. And this is thanks to America. Not black America but white America!

I do not say there is no racism in the United States but clearly there is much reduced racism in that land today. Someone had said that there is a lot more black on black killing in the US today than white cops killing blacks. No one is doing “Black Lives Matter” in that case. Or is it okay for the blacks to kill themselves but only racism when white cops kill blacks? We forget the opportunity that America gives thousands of blacks. I know how many friends of mine who go to the USA and make the American dream. We forget the 95% broken home statistics that is churning out thousands of black youths without a future. We forget black violence and the extra vigilance police must bring into curtailing them. You see George Floyd death and you burn down a system that is benefiting all of you. I can assure you: you don’t want anarchy in the USA.

I hope Donald Trump wins the election in November. I pray after him that the Republicans have many years more in the White House. I pray America will know greatness via godliness. This is my support for Donald Trump.

Posted by Deji Yesufu


  1. There are issues you need to research before you make comments on them Deji. You don’t live in America to know what the whites and the blacks go through. It is beyond the lack of depth of your understanding of the issues. The Trump you are talking about became a Republican about a decade ago because he knew his type will never win a democratic nomination. He himself once said it, that if he wants to contest for presidency, he will contest as a Republican, because they can easily be influenced. They are like Pentecostal follwership that you deride all the time in Nigeria. Trump has often and still supports abortion and he is for gay marriage. Thank God you will not vote in November.


  2. Did you say some white Americans paid for your degree? It is obvious they had an agenda to miseducate you, and they succeeded. You don’t have an understanding of what you are talking about, and it is painful watching you unleash ignorance. You should read some books, and stop reducing Christianity to Trump.


  3. Thank you for the article.

    From the hoax of pandemic, to orchestrated lockdown, to loss of jobs and unemployment rate increase to the death of George Floyd, to the uprising, all appears to be carefully planned to discredit and ring about anarchy to Trump’s government…

    It is not clear if he will survive November.


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