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And the skies sent down the rain.

This morning, as the rained poured and beat against my windows, I turned off the air conditioner.

I have always liked the rain.

The Nigeria tropical rain.

Not the British shower.

The Nigerian rain.

I cant explain it, but the “noise” of the rain coming from outside has always acted as a muse to my creative side.

It gives me succour and some form of peace.

Ever since I was a young budding writer.

Sooo, apart from my love for reggae, I was particularly elated when sometimes in 1987, the airwaves were filled with the rather unique and sonorous voice of who would later become a legend :

Majekodunmi Fasheke.

Majek Fashek’s voice kept wailing all over Nigeria (and later the world) :

???????? The sky look misty and cloudy

Looks like rain’s gonna fall today

This morning I have been soaked in mercy

Waiting for the rain to drop the water Lord

I’m a hungry man
And I don’t wanna be angry

Send down the rain
Water up my seed ye…

Send down the rain
Send down the rain

Send down the rain
Send down the rain…..

And it rained.

It was almost mystical, that whenever Majek Fashek was playing live and and he got to that part of the refrain ???? send down the rain send down the rain nowwwwwww ????

The skies will open up and cry.

And it turned him into a legend.

Whilst the cynics will always argue, as usual, that the seeming coincidence of the timing was a marketing ploy, nobody could argue that it worked.

And the man could sing èjooor.

Majek first came into prominence as lead singer and guitarist with the reggae band, Ja’stix, comprising Black ‘Rice Amos McCoy and Ras Kimono.

After the success of ‘Prisoner of Conscience album, Majek left the shores of Nigeria to further his career.

And there it seemed his personal troubles, travails and demons set in.

Initially, he hit the height of musical glory, appearing, working and performing with mega stars like Tracy Chapman, Jimmy Cliff, Snoop Dogg, Beyoncé etc…

I still recall with pride when I watched my Reggae brethren live on CNN with Larry King.

(It is on YouTube)

Then the stories started filtering out about his fight with the demons of American superstars : drugs.

By the time I visited Nigeria in the early 90’s and watched him perform at the Water Parks Arena in Ikeja, Lagos, Majek had become a shadow of himself.

He looked ragged, worn out and a shamble.

It was sad seeing a once shining star fade so quickly.

And since then, despite many attempts at comebacks and rehabilitation efforts by friends, the star of songs like Holy Spirit and Religion Na Politics could shine no more.

We all have our own demons to deal with, so who are we to judge?

I was once a drug addict, so I knew the uphill battle he was struggling with.

Unlike Coronavirus, drug addiction has one major cure :

Do not taste it ; mà’tòwo.

I am just a lucky man whom the Gods gave another chance, but not everyone gets a second chance.

As he wailed in the same hit song :

???? Everything in life has got its time and season,

???? So you don’t have to ask me why ????

We are in the rainy season and it might be the reason that it is Majekodunmi’s time.

Only the Gods know.

Goodnight Rainmaker.

It is raining outside as I write.

And in the background, from my little speaker, I can hear the voice of Majek Fashek singing ????

???? Send down the rain ???? send down the rainnnnnnn rain ???? ????????

Sun re o ????????????????

Majek©️ Mazi Abe Media 2020

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