Jada & Will: Models Of “Marriages” Today

By: Olakunle Allison

Marriages don’t work in Hollywood. That’s like saying Hitler was a German tyrant. It’s such a notorious fact. But one couple in Hollywood have always fascinated me and earned my admiration just like Tunde and Wunmi Obe do in Nigeria. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith. I respected this couple. Until now.

In my experience I have learned never to envy anyone or anything from a distance. You often don’t know what they are dealing with or working with. You might be shocked if you did. You might not wish their lives on your worst enemy if you did. That’s precisely what the Jada and Will Red Table Talk revealed. That not all that glitters is gold.

I have just watched the fiasco of a Table Talk and I truly was heartbroken for my generation and the future of marriages. It’s all a matter of time before trends in the West hit our local stores (as a manner of speaking) in Africa. We are copycats when it comes to western morality and technology. I wish we could copy the latter and ditch the former, but we rarely draw the line.

Make no mistake, what Jada did was not “an entanglement” as she called it. It was not even “a relationship” as her visibly ego-bruised and shamed husband (Will) sought to canonize it. It was more egregious and damning. It was a BETRAYAL OF MATRIMONIAL OATH and a blatant, self-sanctioned ADULTERY.

Jada Pinkett became an ADULTERESS.

I don’t subscribe to sugarcoating or mislabelling.

One of the ways modern liberal culture deceives millions of people is through semantics. We use “woke” words to mask or cover up our moral foible and dangerous ideology as a society. This is very rampant in the West and is slowly cascading down to Africa.

We cover up evils and unacceptable behaviours using vocabularies that have nothing in common with the experience we are trying to describe. And in many cases we change the word-meaning altogether, just as was recently done with the word “racism”. Just as planned parenthood is nothing about planning and parenting but about killing the unborn.

Words have become an extension of our nature; shifting, corrupted and unreliable.

Let’s dig a little deeper.

Jada, a 48 year old mother of two grownups, had an adulterous affair with, wait for it, August Alsina, a 27 year old man. Think about that for a minute.

She and Will claimed that their marriage was turbulent at the time and they were as good as done with each other, so they separated. They were not divorced. And then, according to Jada, August came and needed some “healing” which I guess only Jada could provide. And how did she choose to “heal” the young man? By being “entangled” with him in a romantic affair.

She, whilst legally married to Will, was ‘seeing’ a man she is 21 years older than! I have a cynical feeling that this was never about healing. This was about something moral physical and erotica.

During their so-called Red Table Talk, Jada ignored the elephant in the room. Did she and August have SEX?

She called it “an entanglement”. Was that an euphemism for sexual adventure for a married woman?

If she said that they didn’t have sex, would any rational adult believe her? Should they?

A 48 year old woman with an hormone-raging 27 year old man officially dating and alone for many hours. I leave the rest to your imagination.

Biblically, if Will Smith decided to divorce her he would be within his biblical right to do so. Adultery, Jesus said, is a good ground for divorce. And it is interesting to note that there was no talk about who Will was “healing” during the same period. So during their consensual separation Will stayed faithful but Jada couldn’t?

Make no mistake, Will too is suffering from the same liberal and “woke” virus that Jada contracted, but Will’s was a milder and gentler – perhaps mutated – strand.

Apparently, the marriage I had long held in high esteem and as a model of a working Hollywood marriage was a whitewashed sepulchre.

But you see, Will gets it.

He might have been on air fooling himself just to protect his wife’s honour and image, but he was not fooled. I know this because he called it right.

He called it “a relationship” (even though I think it was worse than that) and not “an entanglement”.

He called it “a transgression” even though Jada was quick to protest such labeling.

This tells me that Will Smith was not a lost cause. He was still using his head. He probably agreed to do that interview just because he felt he had to in order to win her back. He actually said it that he wanted to win her back and they both laughed. He genuinely “loves” her.

Whatever happens to the two hereafter (I personally see a divorce in the future), let it be known that the story of Jada and Will is not an outlier. Since God has been thrown out of the equation, marriage in modern times has been reduced to nothing more than a social experiment which derives legitimacy from the consensus of two adults.

In other words, marriage is whatever a couple makes of it and calls it. If a married couple decides that they should each see and sleep with other people whilst they are married, then it’s morally ok. After all they are consenting adults and they can determine what they want, what is good for them. Marriage is therefore without standards but subject to the whims and moods of people.

Jada made a very revealing remark that touches on this aspect. She said she did what she did because she was no more “feeling good” about herself. That it had been long since she felt good about herself. So in order to “feel good” she opted to become a sugar mummy even as a legal wife of another. This is marriage in 2020.

But we must ask Jada; was she in it to provide healing for the young man or to feel good about herself? Maybe it’s both. Maybe it’s none of the above. Maybe she just wanted some sexual adventure or sexual healing herself.

Whichever happens to be the case, one thing is as certain as death;

Marriage as we have always known it will be no more in the foreseeable future. We should expect an even more egregious experiment as the moral fibre of our world weakens and God is kicked out of our lives.

God in your marriage would not guarantee success, but He would keep our inner demons chained.

Today those demons are running amok.

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