Islam: Blood on the Apologists’ Dance Floor III

By: Deji Yesufu

Here is one fact that I have discovered on Islam that is quite uncomfortable and I sincerely invite my Muslim readers to explain these things if they choose to write a rejoinder to this piece (I will publish the most well written). On the level of their revelations alone, Muslims and Christians can continue to debate the veracity of their religion till thy kingdom come; there will apparently be no end to the argument. But there is one fact of the two religions that is wholly incomparable – I will soon come to this. Note that this two religions are monotheist. The two religions claim to worship an unseen God. The two religions have personalities that revealed them to the world. For Christianity, it is Jesus Christ. For Islam, it is Mohammed. Mohammed occupies such a central position in Islam that one who wishes to be a Muslim must say the Shahada. This confession has a phrase in it that declares that one who will be a Muslim must regard Mohammed as God’s prophet. So, we can agree that the two religion shore up two personalities: Jesus and Mohammed. This is where things begin to get interesting.

Mohammed Hijab

By biblical account, Jesus Christ was the perfect man. He was the God-man, who took up flesh and lived uprightly in all his 33 years on earth. Scripture reveal that Christ lived and died and rose again to obtain eternal redemption for God’s people. The central message of the Qur’an also acknowledges the ministry of the Christ. However, there was the need to bring a new revelation from God, according to the Qur’an, because the Christians and Jews had corrupted their own revelation: the Torah and the Bible. Mohammed, the last prophet, therefore was given the true revelation from God. The problem is this: Christ lived an upright life but Mohammed did not live quite an upright life. Going the records of the life of Mohammed as recorded in various trusted hadiths, it was said that the Muslim greatest example did the following:

  1. Mohammed married Aisha at the age of 6 and consummated the marriage with her at the age of 9. This is the reason why child bride is not a big deal in Islam, at least not until recent times.
  2. Mohammed was a violent man. The concept of Jihad was taken directly from his life works. Mohammed did not only fight to defend himself; he also fought offensive battles. In fact Mohammed was killed after he was poisoned by a woman, whose family the prophet and his followers had destroyed in a battle. Many argue that Boko Haram and ISIS are the true followers of Mohammed.
  3. Mohammed orchestrated the divorce of his own adopted son from his wife. Mohammed would eventually marry this lady.
  4. Mohammed had 13 wives, while he prescribed 4 wives for his followers.
  5. Mohammed placed no limits on the number of women his followers could have sex with – as long as these women were spoils of war.
  6. Mohammed received revelations from the devil and thought these revelations were from God. These verses were later called the “satanic verses”. Writer Salman Rushdie had a death sentence placed on his head for writing on this subject in the early 1990s.
  7. Mohammed slept with 9 of his wives in one night.

I confess that the lists are endless and the records of these events are taken from trusted hadiths. You will understand how important the hadiths are when you realize that the Qur’an cannot be understood besides the hadiths. The hadiths give Qur’anic verses a context. It is the hadiths, not the Qur’an, that tell Muslims to pray five times a day. It is these hadiths that tell of these sordid acts of Mohammed. When Nabeel Quereshi began to investigate Christianity, he discovered that the religion was an upright religion; birth by a perfect man – Jesus Christ. He then used the same standards of investigation on the Qur’an and his faith fell apart. We can understand why this will happen – especially after one has found out that the main figure in one religion, Jesus, was perfect; while the main figure in the other religion was not. If one were to put the two religions side by side, and one is to be honest with onself, you cannot but bow to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. This was what led Nabeel to Christianity. And I hope it might lead many Muslims reading this piece to reconsider their religion and hear out the gospel message.

One of David Woods friends, Vocab Marlone, the guy who plays Mohammed in the “Mohammed Boom Boom Room” series, has gotten his YouTube channel demonetized. He no longer earns anything from YouTube adverts. Wood has been raising the alarm of the systematic persecution of Christian apologists by the Western Media. The narrative that Islam is a religion of peace has been sold to the West and anyone that speaks to the contrary has his channel or medium shut down. Wood has since left Facebook because the social media forum continually blocks his posts of Islam. Hatun Tash, a Turkish lady who came to Christ while living in London, has made it her ministry to reach out to Muslims there. She goes to a place called “Speakers’ Corner” and debates Muslims there. Recently Hatun discovered as many as 39 different Arabic Qur’ans sold all around the world. She has since taken her discovery to Speakers’ Corner and on many occasions, she has been assaulted and had to be rescued by the police. In fact the police have told her that her life is in danger. Robert Spencer speaks of how the venue of a cartoon drawing contest was taken over by Jihadist, who stormed it – shooting into the crowd. His life was spared but others were killed. David Wood’s life is continually being threatened on social media and he speaks jokingly about a Jihadist chopping off his head one of these days.

It is important that Muslims will understand that their is no criticism that there religion is undergoing today that Christianity has not gone through. The West, which originally was Christian, is largely secular today because the myth of religion has been defused there – or so they say. Those who are Christians in the West today are Christians because Christ has revealed himself to them through his word. Islam would have to trust the new direction that religious criticism is going in our world today. They would have to understand that the life of Mohammed and the revelation he brought, the Qur’an, will come under scrutiny. If they spend their time defending their faith, they may have something left to salvage. If they however take the easy part of violence and kill off their critics, they would have blood on the apologists’ dance floor but it would not immune their religion from the mass of apostasy that is already hitting it. Islam underwent new scrutiny following the 9/11 attacks on New York City. The narrative that the religion is a religion of peace was brought under question. How a religion claims to be peaceful and at the same time has so many adherents that choose to settle scores with violence is the question that Islam should answer in our day and time.

Series is Ended.

Posted by Deji Yesufu

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