Get the COVID-19 Vaccines; Stop the Conspiracy Theories – They are not True

By: Deji Yesufu

Today makes it one week exactly I took the COVID-19 Vaccines. I work in a health facility and we were given some prority when the vaccines began to be administered in Oyo State, Nigeria. In spite of this it was clear that the conspiracy theorists had won the hearts and minds of people because when I arrived the center to take my jab, the place was almost empty. I was done in less than twenty minutes. I had no pains at all, following the injection. But when I was about to hit the sack later that night, the body pain began. I will liken it to the immediate symptoms you have immediately after taking your first dose of an antimalaria drug. You can feel the drug working as your body system adjust to the combat between the malaria parasites and the drug. This time, I suspect, the war was between my immune system and the COVID-19 Vaccine in my system. Paracetamol was my rescuer and I continued to take it all through the following day. By the third day the pain had subsided and I was back to me.

I do not know where the whole conspiracy theory about the vaccines came from and while there are the international theories, Nigerians have also succeeded at enacting their own also – you know say Nigeria no dey carry last for things like dis. It is the talk of the covid-19 linked to 666 or the mark of the beast that baffles me the most. Let me make this point very clear: the mark of the beast is not or will not be a physical mark; it will rather be a spiritual indentation on the souls of men exemplified by rank unbelief in God and particularly in his Christ. This is why I am convinced that we will not have to wait till rapture before we see the mark. Every religion and every person that denies the Lordship of Jesus Christ is a potential 666 career. And anyone that believes in Christ already cannot bear the mark of the beast.

So, not for once was I bothered about the vaccine being linked to the mark of the beast. My real concern and the reason I took the vaccines was out of pure pragmatism: I work in the hospital. Hospital workers come in contact with hundreds of diseases. If I am being given immunity against one of them, and one as dreaded as covid-19, common sense demands I take it. Second, I am totally tired of this mask mandate. In a real sense I can no longer breathe under them and I look forward to when I’ll no longer need to wear them. These vaccines is my pathway to it and I guess a lot more people too.

Here is the thing about stories of adverse reactions to the vaccines we are hearing around the world: it just cannot be avoided. There are many people with underlying conditions that a vaccination will exacerbate. For example: me. I detest malaria drugs but being AA, I am susceptible to malaria. So when I sense malaria coming, I just ignore it. I rest well, eat well and most times my immunity beats it. But I suspect that having combatted the new covid-19 in my system as a result of the vaccines, my immunity went low and the malaria in my system came up. I was thus forced to take an anti-malaria drug last Friday and by Sunday, when I was done with the doses, I was fine. Thus it appears that the vaccine may exacerbate already underlying health conditions. On the other hand, out of about ten persons whose opinions I sampled after taking the vaccines, only four had body pains. The others were fine. And no one has come down with any illness because of the vaccines at my place of work.

I was watching a little documentary on how the world overcame pandemics in the past. I’m sure you know that the Coronavirus is not the first pandemic in our world. There was the Spanish Flu in the early 20th century. There was a Babonic plague in Europe in the middle ages and there was one called the Black Death. These pandemics killed people in millions – as much as 50% of population in some places (it is the reason why some of us said that covid-19 with it’s 90% survival rate was not a pandemic). But the world overcame the disease by two ways: the sick died out and the living developed immunity off the sick. There were no vaccines in those days. Now that we have a vaccine, we do not need more people to die. You may simply just take the vaccine, get your immunity strong, and beat death.

The other option is to allow ignorance and superstition open you up to the very death you are running away from. Ladies and gentlemen, take the vaccine. Get your health secured. Stop the conspiracy theories; they are not true.

Posted by Deji Yesufu

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