By: Deji Yesufu

I encountered the GRV phenomenon on social media and the guy ticks all the boxes for me. If I live in Lagos I would have casted my vote for him but since I might be able to influence one or two people to vote for him, thus this article penned at examining a worthy political alternative for Lagos State.

Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour is a young man – he only turned 40 this month. When the ENDSARS protests began, Falz-the-Bahd-Guy, one of the instigators of the protests, made it clear that the movement had no leader. It was spontaneous, effective and would have brought down this present government save for the dastardly act of shooting down unarmed protesters. What Falz and others never said was that the movement did not have the ability to shore up political leaders. Endsars gave us Peter Obi, who is at the moment fighting to recover his stolen mandate; and it has given us GRV. Let me be honest with my readers: while GRV ticks off many attributes of a worthy leader, the number one reason to vote for this young man is the failures of the present APC government in Lagos State.

Let us start with ENDSARS itself. Who ordered the shooting at Lekki Toll Gate? How did the Sanwo-Olu led government succeed at rewriting a report from a committee constituted by this very government, which indicted them in the whole matter? How much blood is on the Lagos State government hands? The evil cover-up that followed the killing of those young people have returned to hunt the APC. And the ghosts of those young children will follow their killers to the grave.

Second. Let us return to Lagos State. What is happening to Lagos State? Is it true that one man owns half of Lagos? What is Alpha-beta and why is this company raking up so much money into its coffers? Who owns Alpha-beta? Where are all the revenues collected at the motor parks going to? Why is Lagos State wholly subsumed in underdevelopment despite all her potentials?

The only way to find answers is to change the present government in Lagos. Despite intimidation and rigging, the Lagos State people rejected Bola Tinubu at the last presidential polls. They should go further and reject Sanwo-Olu as governor. Give the young man GRV a chance to prove himself and let’s bring an end to the whole idea of youths being leaders of tomorrow. Young people can lead Nigeria TODAY.

Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour is the gubernatorial candidate for the Labor Party. The logo on the ballot for Labor is father, mother and child. Put your vote for this young man and let’s begin a new narrative in Nigeria.

Posted by Deji Yesufu

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