Donald Trump: It is Time to Leave Office

By: Deji Yesufu

Yesterday, the Washington Post published a leaked tape of a conversation Donald Trump, the outgoing President of the United States of America, had with the Georgian Secretary of State. Trump could be heard on the tape saying that 11,780 votes should be found to upturn the election in that state and possibly win him re-election to office. I think that tape is an all time low for the American president and someone should be telling him to pack up his bags, it is time to leave office.

Those who read my column know something of my die-hard support of Donald Trump and particularly of the Republican Party platform he runs on. I have argued that in a post Christian Western World, the USA alone hold up a hope of any kind of Christian civilization and the Trump presidency has been particularly supporting of Christian courses; especially in reducing the funding of abortion clinics and supporting many Evangelical endeavors. A Democrat government is a return to the evil days of Barack Obama when homosexuality reigned on America’s streets; abortion was rife; Christian courses were frustrated; and liberal Christianity reigned supreme.

In spite of this, however, we must appreciate one fact in the recently concluded elections in America: the American people spoke with their votes and they elected the Democratic government of Joe Biden. Christians are not happy but even much more than this, Christians are submitted to the will of God. Since America runs a democracy and not a theocracy, we accept the fact that the majority’s wish for another person to rule them other than Donald Trump. What is lawful therefore is to allow the elected person to rule and every talk of the Democrat not coming to power must be repudiated. Donald Trump must eat the humble pie and admit that he lost the election – regardless of how he lost it.

Trump actions are putting the whole of the USA in an unhealthy state. There are Trump supporters who are talking about taking up arms to keep him in office – all if such talks are a call to war. Trump himself is already employing the machinery of the military to retain himself in office. If Trump supporters hit the streets with arms and they clash with Biden supporters, that country will see violence and it is the beginning of wars we know; no one knows their end. You can ask Syria more about this.

While I am not holding brief for all Christians, I know that Christians are a law abiding lot and while they may not be happy with the ousting of a Trump presidency, they are equally not going to subvert the law to retain him in office. Second, Christians in America have long warned about a full blown antichristian government coming to power in the USA. They have warned against an over empowered government that will someday carry out open persecution of the church.

The new ideology of the world today is to outlaw all religion. That is why in Canada today, pubs and adult movie stores are regarded as essentials, while churches are regarded as non essentials. And regardless of the size of the church, no more than 10 persons are expected to attend church worship services. The long awaited persecution of the church is here. Rather than evading the obvious, Christians need to submit to God’s will and his providence in the place of prayers. While they trust God to navigate these very dangerous times.

Donald Trump should leave office and allow the laws of the land to reign. The Republicans should begin to prepare for the next elections which will hopefully be in another 4 years. Holding on to power at all cost will plunge the world most powerful country into crisis; a crisis that will certainly reverberate around the whole world.

Posted by Deji Yesufu

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