Christian Oyakhilome, the Gospel of Prosperity and the Rest of Us

by Deji Yesufu

My good friend, Yemi Aladejebi, sent me the picture below from the USA. Another person had sent it to him from South Africa where Ken Oyakhilome, Chris’ brother, presently Pastors. Well, the flyer is promising to inject dollars into you if you will attend a program. My sincere hope is that no one will get injected with the dollar that day. Because if they try it the casuality they will witness shall exceed those of Rev. Jimmy Jones of the late 1970s Guyanna tragedy.

Speaking about tragedy, I wish to inform the public, using my humble Facebook page, that the Christ Embassy Church, worldwide, headed by Christian Oyakhilome, is a tragedy in the making. It will happen, mark my words and I will refer you all to this post. A recent publication online rates Chris Oyakhilome as the richest Pastor in the world, only after another Pastorpreneur – David Oyedepo. Both Nigerians.

Chris’ peculiar distinction in ministry is that he oversees the largest collection of young people in the world. And all he teaches them is the Prosperity Gospel. His peculiar style of prosperity is even mixed with Free Grace that makes light of holiness and allows for all sought permissible evil in his congregation. The exact form with which the tragedy in his church will take I cannot say but it will happen – being God’s merciful judgement on the young minds he is deceiving and his way of delivering them from it – since many of them are just too plain stupid to see the charlatan in their Pastor after his very revealing divorce with his wife, Anita.

The gospel of Prosperity is a cancer. It is eating deep into many Christian assemblies; I even notice that Muslim clerics are imbibing some of it tenets too. Prosperity gospel promises you a life here on earth and gives you no hope for the life after now. One can only pray that those in its grip are delivered. As for those going to Ken’s programme, I can only advise you: don’t allow anyone inject you with money or else you will die. And for those who have injected the true spirit of this false message into their souls, may God save you from sure damnation.

This article was first published on Facebook this day in 2016.

Posted by Deji Yesufu

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  1. If u remember , I made a post too on my FB page where I ridiculed same pastor over his claim of 5G being linked to Coronavirus and so called Antichrist agenda .

    Worse was his attack on the FG for granting license for FG hence the closure of Lagos and Abuja . In reality , his annoyance with lockdown of both states is simply because these are his biggest money Mills in Nigeria .

    Business was shut for the FG


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