Celebrating Frank Alofokhai at 60

By: Deji Yesufu

“Deji, take it easy with that Gombs guy. He doesn’t have an argument. Allow him to continue to rattle on… you’ll find a clean way to deal with him in a moment…”

Those were some of the words from Brother Frank as we battled Christ Embassy members and other Words of Faith adherents on Nairaland between 2013 and 2014. I was just coming out of Pentecostal madness and expressing myself freely on that social media outlet that offered a great deal of anonymity. But no matter how many points I thought I had mustered against my detractors, there was always a counterargument. Some of these guys were well-schooled in Chris Oyakhilome’s errors, so it was almost impossible to show them their falsehood, making some of my comments came out in frustration.

Thanks to Bro Frank’s caution, I could easily have lost my temper and written things that these guys would use against me. One of them once tracked down my IP address and found my location in Ibadan. When they eventually threatened my life, even if subtly, I knew it was time to give up that campaign. I will, however, be thankful to Frank Alofokhai and a few others who stood with me through the thick and thin.

Frank Alofokhai and I met in August 2013 at a conference organized by Crown Bible Church (now Crown Reformed Church) at Epe, Lagos. Bro Frank had been reading some of my blog posts on my defunct blog. He approached me and introduced himself, and our relationship kicked off. I knew I had a lot to learn from him realizing he was an older man in the faith. Bro Frank had a similar challenge as I was having in the charismatic church that I belonged to. His was with the Baptist Church that was bent on adopting the new charismatic chaos that had taken up much of Lagos. A quiet man by nature, he took up the establishment quietly, but he gave those of us who were making noise much support.

Franklin Izirein Imounu Ununofe Alofokhai was born on October 15, 1959 to Mr Edward and late Mrs Christiana Alofokhai. He had his primary education in St. Patrick’s Primary School, Yaba, Lagos; O’ levels in Holy Trinity Grammar School, Evbiobe, Ora, Edo State and A’ levels in Federal Government College, Sokoto. He bagged a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the prestigious University of Lagos, Lagos State and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA). He is also a Certified Project Manager.

He started off his career as a banker with Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) which later changed its name to African International Bank, a career that spanned over two decades where he distinguished himself as a diligent and efficient professional. He is an astute thinker, personal finance and administration trainer and project manager. He has started, operated and managed a number of businesses and trained organizations in his core areas of competence.

Brother Frank married his wife, Chidinma, in December 1987 and they have two daughters, who themselves are now married with children of their own.

Brother Frank’s greatest joy is in knowing and serving Jesus whom he met and asked into his life as a teenager in secondary school. He has been actively involved with the Students Christian Movement (SCM) since that time. He was ordained a deacon in February 2002 at New Realm Baptist Church and presently serves with New Heights Baptist Church, Igbo-Efon, Lekki. He is also an associate of the Grace Evangelical Ministry, USA. He enjoys reading, singing, and listening to hymns, and also reaching out to people, particularly on spiritual matters, while surfing the Internet. It was while surfing the internet myself that I met Brother Frank.

I have never met Bro Frank’s family in all the years I have been friends with him, but I knew he was married with two daughters. Then I saw the picture of our very own brother Frank flanked by his wife and daughters on Facebook. The picture was so grand. I put a call across to him: “… what’s the occasion sir?” He replied that it was at his birthday last October when he was 60.

I then thought to honor this great man and his support for my writing all these years. When the true gospel will eventually trump false doctrines in this land I hope history writers will be able to include the likes of Frank Alofokhai as one of the few who held the light of sound doctrine and kept it on despite so much perversion. I assumed it is better I write an article like this in his honor while he is alive; too many eulogies for dead men these days.

Thank you brother Frank for all you do for the Lord. This is wishing you many more years in good health and prosperity. God bless you.

Posted by Deji Yesufu

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  1. Yes, thanks and God bless you Uncle Frank!


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