Text and Publishing is the newest creation of the dynamic personality and prolific writer, Deji Yesufu, whose commentaries on religious, political, and social matters have entranced readers on social media for a long time.

Deji Yesufu

He is joined by Lucky James, a lover of stories and a writer of fiction. Imaginative and entertaining, he writes to depict the experiences of people in their everyday lives.  

At textandpublishing.com, you are promised servings of delectable posts relevant to society and addressing salient issues of our time. You may find some of the writings critical and expository, and others amusing and refreshing. No matter the experience you take away, be assured that it will not be boring.

In addition, the authors of this blog provide service in the area of editing of texts and publishing of the works of other writers. Whether on social or print media, readers deserve to engage with writing of a certain minimum standard in quality. Editing is crucial in achieving this basic requirement and at textandpublishing.com, we guarantee you of exceptional service in this regard.

Lucky James

This blog promises to be compelling and we are convinced that frequent visitors will not be disappointed.

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