A Note to “Christians” who Voted Joe Biden

By: Deji Yesufu

The American Presidential elections are almost completely done with and the clear winner of that election, for me, is Joe Biden. For many Christians, this is not a competition of some sort; so it is not our place to begin to congratulate the winners of the elections. Rather this is a fight for America’s very existence and a battle for the only bastion of liberty in the world that has anything Christian in it. What many Christians who supported and voted Joe Biden do not know is that many western countries are now wholly post-Christian. The only country that is still committed to some Christianity in its political and national life is the United States of America but with the defeat of Donald Trump at the polls, we can as well kiss whatever we know of Christianity good-bye in the West. To shed some light on what I am saying, I invite you to watch this 4 minute report by CBS News on how Europe today has become post Christian. The video was brought to my attention by Tayo Farinre, a Christian brother living in South Africa. Watch:

For those who may not be able to watch the video, the documentary began with the narrator explaining that many of the ancient and reputable churches in Europe are today being turned into entertainment houses. I hear of some being converted to mosques and shopping malls. The narrator explains that Europe is simply no longer Christian and that Christianity has today shifted its base to Africa. He explains that with an increasing anti-Christian sentiment in Europe, Christians are now coming under attack for their convictions. Stories abound of people being prosecuted and convicted for refusing to bake cakes for gay couples. The video tells of one doctor who was sacked because he refused to call a transgendered male a “she”. Today many Christian channels on YouTube are being shut down for propagating “hate speech” because of their views against homosexuality and abortions. Facebook and Twitter continues to mount a campaign against Christian witnesses that speaks against the gradual liberalization of our world. The narrator explains that Europe is returning to her pagan root. The video ends with a touch of optimism though when it mentioned a concept of a “blessed reflex”. William Carey, the first European Christian missionary to launch into the world in modern times, and David Livingstone, the man whose work on exploration of Africa opened up the continent for missionary activities. These two men, before their deaths, said that there would be a blessed reflex in the days to come. Europe and America will one day be evangelized by Africans: the very continent that their fathers had sought to bring the gospel to some three hundred years back.

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When I went to Germany in March this year, I saw a nation sprawling in wealth. This wealth I will regard as well deserving because German people, and Europeans in general, are honest and hardworking people. They work hard and they have a lot of recreation – this, however, is about all that their lives consist of. There is no more religion in most of Germany today. To get to our place of training every day, we were driven through some 15 kilometers distance, from our hotel in the middle of Berlin to the outskirt of the city. My colleague and I did not see one single church throughout our stay in that city; even though the whole city was sprawling with nigh clubs, bars and restaurants. I was particularly concerned about the high rate of smoking among women. One of the guys I met at the training explained to me that the government had jacked up the cost of cigarettes but the result was that while men cut down on smoking, women picked it up. Berlin is a wealthy city but a nation that has no religion in it. This is about the whole picture of what Europe, Canada and most of America is today.

The reason why Christians were very concerned about having Donald Trump return to power was not because we endorsed his lifestyle, his pride and garrulous nature; rather it was because Donald Trump and the Republican Party he represented were the only group in America’s national life that endorsed or supported anything Christian. While it was clear to us that Trump’s Christianity was a shamble, the little semblance of gospel realities in his Presidency was still keeping the American landscape within some Christian shadows. But with his exit, all hell will be let loose on the Church in America and the American nation will be the worst for it in the days to come.

Many Christians who voted Biden said that the sin of homosexuality and abortion was not any worse than the sin of pride and lies (as seen in Donald Trump). The answer to this objection is this: this is both true and false. It is true that with God there are no grades of sin. A holy God regards all sin as the same and all sin will earn his eternal displeasure. But for human beings, all sins are not the same. For example: before God, the person who entertained the sin of lust in his/her heart is just as guilty as the person who committed adultery or fornication. But within the persons themselves, the one who entertained the sin of lust can easily be absolved of his sin and will suffer fewer consequences than the person who was involved in the very sin itself. Paul warns about those who commit fornication as having sinned against their own bodies (1 Corinthians 6:18). This is very grievous indeed but not as bad as lust in the mind.

This is why a person who indulges in the sin of homosexuality brings about greater condemnation and repercussion on his person than someone else who commits mere fornication. It is even worse for a nation that has so revolutionized sex and has made homosexuality a national symbol. The wrath of God is breathing down such a nation every day and they will earn it in due course. The same thing goes with the matter of abortion: the person who is angry is as guilty as the person who commits murder before God. But these two situations carry different consequences within the human person and it is even worse when the murder being carried out is the killing of innocent children within the wombs of their mothers.

We should ask Christians who voted Biden: who or what exactly are you teaming up with? Paul warns about some who commit grievous sins and how even their supporters will earn the wrath and damnation of God in Romans 1:32. When you vote in a government that openly supports gay people and their programs, you are supporting homosexuality and actually partaking in that sin yourself. When you vote in a government that funds abortion, you are partaking in the killing of babies yourself. Your vote may just be one vote but it is a vote that Christ sees and you are actually teaming up with a people who are against our Lord’s purposes on this earth. This is why I put the “Christian” in my title in inverted commas: it is hard to see anyone who votes for the Democratic Party in the USA as a Christian. God indeed knows those who are his but he has told us also that those who are really his people should depart from iniquity and any course that support sin, idolatry and open blasphemy against God. A Christian may have voted for Biden out of ignorance. Now that you know it is a sin, it is not too late to repent of it and ensure you do not cast your vote for a platform like the Democratic Party in the future.

Most Christians in the United States are not troubled about a Biden Presidency. Christians in that nation have long known that America was slipping into the kind of post-Christian world that Europe is in today. They had hoped to slow down the process with a Trump/Republican presidency but it is clear to them that the inevitable is here. In the days to come all the vestiges and products of a Christian America will begin to give way. Liberty will begin to bow to socialist authoritarianism; Democracy will begin to give way to a one party system – like we have in The People’s Republic of China and in Russia; and the tolerance that the American nation spent years to build – following Christians fleeing religious persecution in Europe – will soon give way to the intolerance of the Left. The liberal community that was once asking to be tolerated in the American society have already began to take away the religious liberties that Christians once enjoyed in that country. Everything appears to be permissible in America today except Christianity and the gospel it espouses.

Fellow brothers in Christ who voted Joe Biden: welcome to a post Christian America. I hope in the days to come you will be able to tell your children that your votes contributed to making America an increasing godless nation. Or, you may repent of your deeds today and be more informed in your voting options tomorrow.

Posted by Deji Yesufu


  1. Maybe the presidential election in US this year is similar to choosing between Buhari and Atiku.

    Either way is trouble.
    One is rascist, compulsive liar, indecorous, ego driven.

    The other represents sexual perversion, post modernistic ungodliness.


  2. This is funny. Joe Biden a devout Catholic is more the harbinger of rot than the corrupt, shameless narcissist. LMAO!


  3. Interesting piece Mr Deji.
    But my thoughts;
    Are these events not signs of the end times?
    Does trying to support Trump (despite his flaws) not like saying the events attending to the end times shouldn’t happen?
    Are we saying that Trump is so mighty that he could singlehandedly resist the events of the end times?
    Thinking along this line is just like trying to stop Judas from betraying Jesus.
    What is written in the word of God is forever established and I think what we Christians should rather do is to pray to God to keep His own and work on how the will of God is done and get more souls into the kingdom.
    Just my thoughts..


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