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IMPENDING EXTINCTION OF NIGERIAN LANGUAGES By: Femi Hassan This is really an interesting topic. I seriously identify with it. Wahala wa indeed. Right from their infancy, I’ve been speaking Yoruba to my kids but over time, I noticed they don’t...

/ September 19, 2020

Death: Learning to Say the D Word

Death: Learning to Say the D Word By: Peju Simoyan (MD, MPH) In a recent essay published in Pulse, Dr. Charlotte Grinberg reflected on some of her experiences as a medical intern related to how doctors tend to communicate about...

/ August 15, 2020

Jada & Will: Models Of “Marriages” Today.

Jada & Will: Models Of "Marriages" Today By: Olakunle Allison Marriages don't work in Hollywood. That's like saying Hitler was a German tyrant. It's such a notorious fact. But one couple in Hollywood have always fascinated me and earned my...

/ July 11, 2020

Faith: A Matter of Life or Death?

Faith: A matter of life or death? By: Olapeju Simoyan (MD, MPH) July 6, 2020 After reading Deji Yesufu’s essay on faith healing and death, I was inspired to share my thoughts on the subject. I agree with his position...

/ July 7, 2020