Month: November 2021

“Unknown Soldier – na ‘im do am”

"Unknown Soldier - na 'im do am" by: Deji Yesufu Three individuals were the primary planners of the Janaury 15th, 1966 coup. They were Kaduna Nzeogwu, Ifeanyi Ifeajuna and Adewale Ademoyega. Of these three only one survived the upheaveals that...

/ November 17, 2021

The Daniel Kolenda Ibadan Crusade

The Daniel Kolenda Ibadan Crusade by: Deji Yesufu This morning I prayed for Daniel Kolenda. I asked that God will bless the efforts of this man and his team as they reach the city of Ibadan with the gospel of...

/ November 10, 2021

Caught in Providence

Caught in Providence by: Deji Yesufu While the cost of a lot things is on the increase in Nigeria, for some reasons I find the cost of internet data reducing. So much so that I can now freely watch videos...

/ November 2, 2021