Month: October 2021

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Fragile Social Media Relationships

Fragile Social Media Relationships by: Deji Yesufu I became active on social media sometimes around 2014 and because I have some unorthodox views on a few issues, particularly religion, I might have come in contact with quite a number of...

/ October 28, 2021

Sex Tapes and Depraved Viewers

Sex Tapes and Depraved Viewers By: Deji Yesufu (This article was first published in November, 2019, following the publishing of a sex tape involving two students of Babcock University. I reproduce it here in the light of the recent sex...

/ October 22, 2021

Lekki Toll Gate Shooting: An Appeal to the Nigerian Military

Lekki Toll Gate Shooting: An Appeal to the Nigerian Military by: Deji Yesufu Twentieth October will be exactly one year when the momentous EndSARS protests, that raged through many states in Nigeria, was abruptly cut short by the killing and...

/ October 18, 2021

Beware of Government Overreach

Beware of Government Overreach by: Deji Yesufu I saw an article online a few days ago where a man was lamenting the dressing of a young woman on the street of Lagos. This person then suggested that the government of...

/ October 15, 2021
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“Pastor, Leave My Wife Alone”

"Pastor, Leave My Wife Alone" by: Deji Yesufu A young man has let out a cry for help on a social media platform. He says he is convinced that his wife is emotionally entangled with a pastor. While he has...

/ October 7, 2021

Remembering the Tragic Death of John Baba Angulu

Remembering the Tragic Death of John "Baba" Angulu by: Deji Yesufu The year was 1994. Life had showed up some sunny side for me. I was seventeen years old and I had already gained admission to read Electrical Engineering at...

/ October 4, 2021