Matt Walsh, Elon Musk and the “What is a Woman” Question

By: Deji Yesufu

It should be obvious to any close observer of things that whatever happens in the international scene today will quickly begin to have a reciprocal effect in Nigeria. From economic upheavals to political decisions and the price of oil in the international market, we very quickly see the effects in our local scene. An example is the way the war in Ukraine has affected the economy of nations and is at the root of the present fuel subsidy removal in Nigeria. What we do not know, however, is that the moral state of nations also has a corresponding effect on Nigeria. So, I have been following the YouTube channel of a gentleman named Matt Walsh. Walsh is with the Daily Wire group – a conservative news outlet that runs mostly on social media. Walsh and the Daily Wire published a documentary last year titled “What is a Woman?” where they revealed the inconsistencies in the ideology of the Left.

Their main argument in that video was that the new gender ideology of the West, where men can now be women and women can claim to be men, is foolishness. They affirm that nature itself, besides the dictates of religious books, abhors the idea of transgenderism. They also attack the rising cults in many US ivory towers and pharmaceutical giants that are seeking to make billions of dollars from castrating children – turning against the wishes of their parents in the bid to promote transgenderism.

The latest drama in this whole saga took place about five days ago. Matt Walsh and the Daily Wire informed Twitter’s trust and safety team that they will be marking the one-year anniversary of the production of the documentary, “What is a Woman?”, by publishing the video again on Twitter. The people at Twitter informed Walsh and his team that if they did it, the video would be pulled down – or at least, people will not be able to comment on it, like and retweet it.

Walsh and his team ignored the threat and published the whole video. The people at Twitter went ahead and shut down the video as promised, and all was quiet. Well, not until Elon Musk walked into the controversy. As you may already know, Musk, one of the richest individuals in the world today, bought over Twitter a few months back and promised to restore free speech to the platform. Twitter, prior to Musk arriving, had become a cesspool of left-wing ideologies. The people working at Twitter themselves are some deranged left-wingers and are quite determined to use that platform to fill the world with their ideas.

It is reported that Musk learnt that the “What is Woman?” video was being suppressed and demanded to know why. When his employees explained the basis for their actions, he instructed them that the video should be restored back and full tweeting powers should be given to it. People could now watch the video and share as much as they like. Musk did not only do this, he did the unthinkable: Elon Musk took the “What is a Woman?” video and pinned it to his own wall – with a caption saying that every parent world over should get their children to watch the documentary and learn from it. I understand that for this action alone, a few members of the trust and safety team on Twitter put in their resignation and left Twitter. One should add too: “good riddance to bad rubbish”.

Someone will say: what is the relevance of all these to Nigeria? Or, how will this help to make fuel affordable to Nigerians? I’ll explain how. The essence of our living on earth is a lot more than food and drink, or satisfying our material needs. Those of us in the field of religion, especially those of the protestant faith, join our fathers to say that the central purpose of man is to worship God and enjoy him forever. After a life of work and toil, man looks back on his life to ask what exactly has he really achieved.

If our life work is not embedded in helping our fellow human beings to be better and in the process offering worship to the Almighty God, we will come to our graves with deep regrets and a sense having not accomplished anything in our lives. The ideology that the Left is pushing today is centered on hedonism: the idea that whatever gives me instant pleasure and gratification must be my highest pursuit. A few people are seeing where this is heading to and they are warning against the consequences it will bring. The sexual revolution that has enveloped western culture today is at the root of the transgenderism that has pervaded the West. Yesterday it was reported in the news that Sweden will begin a new sport that will be centered on sex. When a people discountenance the laws of God, the only direction they will go can only be downwards.

A few days ago, Uganda passed a law criminalizing homosexuality. In that country today anyone who indulges in same sex action is liable to spend life imprisonment. Those who perform same sex on a minor or cripple stand the chance of facing the death sentence. Of course, there has been an outcry in the international community, and very soon Uganda will made a pariah nation and might even be hit with sanctions. One of the reasons why the United States of America pulled out of Nigeria’s fight against insurgency during the Goodluck Jonathan administration was because Nigeria passed a law against same sex marriage.

This is where we are in the nations and those who don’t know have already “japa” before realizing that they will be raising their children in such depraved societies. There are no secular countries. Every nation is ruled by a prevailing ideology and that idea dictates the morals of its people. If a country’s laws do not exhume from a Judeo-Christian worldview, as dictated by the Bible, that country will be opened to all kinds of spirits and influences, and woe betides those people who must raise a young family under such secular influences.

When Matt Walsh released the “What is a Woman?” documentary last year, one of the best commentary on the subject came from Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. Carlson took up the duty of providing an answer to this question which no one in the Left has been able to answer. By the way the question is not original to Walsh. It was a question Senator Blackburn put forward to President Joe Biden nominee to the Supreme, Ketanji Brown Jackson: a question she bungled badly. Carlson offered to answer it this way for her:

“A woman? That’s simple. A woman is a human being with two X-chromosomes, ask any genetist – it is detectable in a blood test but if you are still confused by what a woman is, you can ask a doctor. Women have wider pelvises and different bone structures from men, not to mention very different genetalia. It is usually pretty obvious that women, just by looking at them, are built differently because their bodies are designed to do different things; nature is real. Women menstruate; women give birth and then breast feed; men do not do these things because they can’t. Not a single man in all human history has ever had his period or delivered a baby. And I know this, Senator, because I am a woman myself. In fact that is why I am here. Joe Biden nominated me to the Supreme Court because I am female and he has said so himself many times. The president knows exactly what a woman is; if he didn’t know he would not have picked me, obviously. So, please Senator Blackburn, do not waste my time. With all due respect, that is an incredibly stupid question…”

Well, for his extreme conservative views, Tucker Carlson, himself has been eased out of Fox. If anyone still does not realize that the world is in the middle of an ideological war, I do hope you wake up early to smell the coffee. Our children going abroad to study will return with extreme leftist ideas. Our young families “japa-ing” will be raising their young children in these left infested societies. It is why I think what Elon Musk did is a great victory for the conservative side. Of course for those of us who preach the gospel, it does not end there. We will continue to press on till the nations are filled the knowledge of our God in the face of Jesus Christ. Matt Walsh’ documentary is however is a very good starting point. If you have not seen it, watch it here.

Posted by Deji Yesufu

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