How to be a Successful Man and then be Killed by a 21 Year Old Girl

By: Deji Yesufu

Life can throw up different strokes and men can die very easily. One day in the year 2014, my family and I had just returned from church and it had rained lightly. I had opened the gate to the house, parked the car and was about closing it, when I was electrocuted. I was held to that gate for about a second before, for reasons I still cannot tell till tomorrow, the gate let me go. Electricity comes with magnetic fields around it. Nothing, naturally speaking, should have allowed that gate to let me off since power was still on it. But it did. Two days ago, in the neighborhood I live in, a teenage girl was electrocuted while putting off the generator. The girl died. I lived. God is merciful and sovereign. So men die easily and nothing guarantees our seeing tomorrow.

But how do you go from being a successful business man in Nigeria and then perishing at the feet of a twenty one year old girl in Lagos? One understand that life is ephemeral but should one loose one’s life that easily? For those still in the dark regarding what I am talking about, you can read up a breaking news in Nigeria here. For others, kindly follow my conjectures around the possible scenery around a middle aged successful man, who suddenly dies on the laps of the very woman he had employed to satisfy his libido. Here are a few ways to achieve this uncanny, if you like, feat.

  1. Make the pursuit of money, not the development of personal character, an ambition in life: Money is good. When you have money, life becomes really easy. Recently I rode a Hyundai Santa-Fe for a two week period, as I had been given the vehicle for travel purposes. The air conditioning was a killer. The absorber was incredible. Beautiful vehicle; a lot unlike my 2008 Toyota Corolla. After the experience, I concluded that this is why many do anything to get money. Unfortunately money is not everything. Along with the pursuit of a successful life, one should also build personal character. It means creating boundaries for oneself. These days when I see young ladies walk the road, flaunting all they have, I simply compare them to my baby sister. Someday I’ll be comparing them to my daughter and then my grandchildren, etc. That way you know certain boundaries cannot be exceeded. It is deliberately choosing not to think some thoughts. It is knowing where to go and where not to go to. It knowing the kinds of company you keep. It is preserving your self respect and not allowing the lust of your heart ruin you. A lot of people are not religious but they are disciplined. Such persons will certainly not end up with young girls the age of their daughters, talk less having fights with knife with them and ending up being killed.
  2. Despise your marriage bed: One thing scares the wits out of me. What if my wife ends up falling for a guy who is either flirting with her or toasting her – in the same manner I am flirting with another woman or toasting her. In such a case, I’ll not be able to blame her but myself. Marriage is a spiritual bond that I believe only a man has powers to keep together. Before a woman steps out once to sleep with another man, I suspect that the man would have been doing it many more times. It is an edge that must not be broken or else the serpent will bite. The Old Testament biblical scripture talks about a spirit of jealousy. A spouse commits adultery and the other spouse just knows it, even when they cannot prove it. This is not like the incessant jealous suspicion many women have of their husbands. This is a spiritual nudge in their hearts. The person just knows the other person is cheating and there the foundation of their home begins to crumble. Men, you have the duty to zip up. Respect your wives; respect your marriage bed. Or, die like an idiot in the hands of someone the age of your child.
  3. Make little of religion: Here I will speak of the Christian religion. For some reason most of the religion that I imbibed I got from my university days. It was there I was born again. It was there I learnt to walk through female hostels with my head bowed to the ground. It was there I learnt to train my infatuation and lust, and bring my body under. I was single for a long time and when I married, I got all my satisfaction in the one woman. I do not know how the laps of another woman taste like. I do not know variety. May our young men imbibe religion early. Learn the gospel. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Let his Spirit possess your heart. Then wait, wait and wait for your own. Those who wait for God will not be put to shame. Let this Christian ethic grip you. Learn to possess your vessel in sanctification and honor. After you are married, you will realize that there is nothing shaking outside there that is not in your home. And you will enjoy the bosom of your wife till old age. The other option is to learn to devour varieties until one of them snuff out your life.

There are many other things you can do to become successful and then be killed like a goat in the hands of the adulterer. Only that many people deceive themselves to think that they have lived like this all their lives and they can been spared. It is true. Just that there is always a day of reckoning for the wicked.

I sat before a man once as he lay dying from full blown AIDS. He had lived a lascivious life all his days, despite having two wives. I prayed for him, told him about the gospel and hope he imbibed the Christian message that could sage his soul. He died in the middle of the night that day. I also visited another woman who had lived a similar life. She also lay dying from AIDS. She used to be plumb and fair and beautiful. Here she was, gaunt and wasting away. I was told when she died, she had trickles of tears on her eyes – regret.

Life can be better lived. We do not have to live a life of hedonism. You can be successful. You can have a healthy marriage and raise godly children, and never for once be linked with a sex scandal. Talk less one that leads to a knife trust through your throat.

Posted by Deji Yesufu


  1. Segun O. Adio June 24, 2021 at 8:50 pm

    Thanks for this well-written piece. I hope all men heed to the advice therein


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