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Matthew Shotola is a student of the University of Ibadan. He is a guest writer with Text and Publishing.

A Response to Mr. Agbati’s Dubiety Regarding Christ’s Resurrection

A Response to Mr. Agbati's Dubiety Regarding Christ’s Resurrection By: Matthew Shotola On the night of August 31st, 2020, Uncle Deji sent me an article he wrote regarding Islam. This is no surprise to me because he had told me...

/ September 3, 2020

Yahoo: A New Normal Among Nigerian Youths

Yahoo: A New Normal Among Nigerian Youths By: Abiodun Matthew For about five days I deliberately exiled myself from social media because I have some self-imposed task to grapple with. It was during this period that I heard the news...

/ August 29, 2020

Are Readers Still Leaders of Tomorrow?

ARE READERS STILL LEADERS OF TOMORROW? By: Shotola Abiodun One of the very foremost activity that brings a people out blindness and unawareness is reading. However, this activity is fast reaching its nadir among the youths. Folks now have a...

/ August 15, 2020